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San Francisco and the surrounding areas of Palo Alto and Mountain View are considered to be the main centers for technology in the USA. Start-ups large and small, and many big technology firms that were once start-ups are headquartered around the San Francisco Bay area. This has created a high demand for software engineers and other tech savvy professionals as well as for administrative professionals such as executive assistants and personal assistants.

San Francisco is also a major financial center with a thriving financial district. Wells Fargo and Charles Schwab are located there. In the medical supplies industry, McKesson Corporation is headquartered in San Francisco, and so is Bechtel, which is one of the largest engineering and construction companies in the US. With all the opportunities these major corporations and financial firms represent, recent college grads and millennials are flocking to San Francisco in increasing numbers, despite the very high cost of living. These factors ensure that the candidate pool in San Francisco offers some of the most talented, eager, and well educated candidates anywhere in the world. Yet, the competition for real talent is also fierce and creates demand for the services of a premier nationwide administrative staffing agency like C-Suite Assistants.

Proven Success as an Administrative Staffing Agency for San Francisco, CA

How Our Team Helped a Major Fortune 500 Company

Why did the Head of Recruiting at a major Fortune 500 company, a household name in technology, engage C-Suite Assistants to find the perfect Executive Assistant for their Human Resources Department? Having attempted to work with a number of recruiting agencies in San Francisco on this search without success, they turned to us.

As a recruiting agency specializing in administrative and executive assistants as well as other support staff, C-Suite Assistants was able to find a talented HR assistant for our client, where other local staffing agencies in San Francisco, CA, had failed. Sometimes, going outside the usual talent pool of the same old candidates from local agencies is the way to go.

Finding Candidates You Will Want to Hire

C-Suite Assistants and its parent company, Coleman & Company Executive Search, have successfully placed a number of candidates in California due to our excellent ability to network and our very thorough approach: We leave no stone unturned. C-Suite Assistant’s recruiters leverage the well-developed West Coast connections of Coleman & Company to find fresh, passive talent (administrative, executive and personal assistants who aren’t actively looking for a job). The best candidates are often those that other staffing agencies in San Francisco have not likely presented to you before. With our ability to search outside of the box, we can offer a fresh set of eyes to find you the most talented Administrative, Personal and Executive Assistants.

Do You Need a Recruiting Agency in San Francisco?

We Can Help You with the Following Types of Positions in San Francisco, CA:

• Executive Assistants
• Administrative Assistants
• Office Managers
• Sales Assistants
• Marketing Assistants
• Investor Relations Assistants
• Personal Assistants
• Financial Assistants
• HR Assistants

If you have a new administrative position to fill, or if you have struck out with other staffing agencies or recruitment agencies in San Francisco & the Bay Area on a difficult search, please contact us at 646-214-7475 or email us at [email protected]  Let’s start a conversation.

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