The competition to find highly skilled Executive Assistant candidates in the Bay Area is fierce. If you are in need of a top EA, we can help. C-Suite Assistants offers reputable, experienced executive assistant staffing, serving San Francisco and the entire Bay area. We have the deep industry knowledge and the EA talent pool you need to expedite your recruiting process. Tap into our network of tech-savvy assistants with the skills and experience you need to meet the demands of your organization. Learn more about how we help you find your perfect executive assistant.

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The San Francisco Bay Area Economy and Local Talent

At the start of 2020, San Francisco had the strongest economy of any American city. In addition to technology companies, San Francisco is a major financial center, with a thriving financial district. Both Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo have headquarters here, in addition to many venture capital and private equity firms. Other key sectors include life sciences and biotech, environmental and cleantech and international business. San Francisco is the largest U.S. exporting region to cities in Asia.  

This dynamic Bay Area economy and ecosystem has created a strong demand for talented, well-educated executive assistants, personal assistants and other administrative professionals with prior tech start-up or financial experience. Fortunately, there’s a large pool of highly skilled talent, including graduates from local world-class universities like Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley and Santa Clara University. Due to the area’s reputation as a tech center, recent college grads flock to San Francisco in great numbers. 

Within this robust tech-savvy workforce, professionals are always on the lookout for a great opportunity. San Francisco offers some of the most talented, ambitious, and well educated candidates in the world. Yet ,with this kind of competition, you need the services of a premiere nationwide administrative staffing agency like C-Suite Assistants to help you find the best talent. The ability to instantly tap into these deep candidate pools is where our staffing agency can give you the advantage you need.

San Francisco Amenities and Cost of Living

The Bay area is a multicultural city with distinct, vibrant neighborhoods, some of the world’s best restaurants, a wide variety of arts and culture—and it’s on the leading edge of technology and innovation. For nature lovers, San Francisco has more than 220 parks and open spaces. Because of its vibrant tech industry, and thriving economy, San Francisco has some of the highest salaries for executive assistants in the country, along with the highest cost of living. For San Franciscans, housing is the biggest expense.  

San Francisco is recognized as one of the toughest commutes in the nation, which is why many professionals who work in the city choose to live outside the city limits and use the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport). Some of the more popular cities for those who work in San Francisco include San Leandro, Alameda, Hayward, Daly City, Berkeley, and San Mateo.

Our Approach to Executive Assistant Staffing Serving San Francisco

We approach executive assistant staffing in San Francisco by sourcing the most qualified candidates. They are knowledgeable about the region and have a large network of highly skilled people. They handle sourcing, vetting,  scheduling interviews, providing feedback, negotiating  salaries and help you reduce the time to hire.

What is the Advantage of Using C-Suite Assistants vs. Hiring on My Own? 

Using our staffing services instead of hiring on your own saves you from having to wade through many applications. When you choose an employment agency that specializes in Executive Assistants, you can greatly reduce the length of time it takes to hire an experienced EA. As a high quality staffing firm, we will also provide information on salary trends and help negotiate a successful offer

Discover the C-Suite Difference

Among employment agencies, San Francisco-based C-Suite Assistants is a cut above. We service large well established corporations as well as middle market companies and start up businesses that don’t have  their own internal recruiting team or who are growing so quickly they can’t keep up. As premiere recruiters, we know the local market and have access to a nationwide pool of top candidates. We don’t just fill positions—we work closely with our clients in a successful partnership,  advising them on job descriptions, compensation and cultural fit, etc.

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If you have a new administrative position to fill, or if you have struck out with other staffing agencies or recruitment agencies in San Francisco & the Bay Area on a difficult search, please contact us at 646-214-7475 or email us at  Let’s start a conversation.

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