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The office manager is critical to a well-run, efficient business operation. The office manager should be a Jack-of-all-trades, as the role can be broad in scope and may encompass many different aspects of running a business, including administrative management, human resources, facility management, and technical support. If you are thinking of adding or replacing an office manager, our office manager recruitment agency can help fill this pivotal role in your business.

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What’s the Role of an Office Manager?

The office manager is involved in hiring and training staff, payroll, managing the conference room, medical benefits, telephone systems, and office renovations. They may also oversee relocating an office to a larger space, and implementing new CRM systems. At a small to mid-size office of between 15 to 120 people, the office manager typically reports to the CEO or COO. At a larger firm, the office manager may have less responsibility and is often part of a larger administrative team, reporting to the COO or CAO and supporting specific office management functions such as running the conference room or orienting new employees.

The Office Manager’s Duties often Include:

  • Managing receptionists, including telephone and incoming/outgoing mail and packages
  • Overseeing office supplies, equipment vendor relationships and balance sheets
  • Acting as the primary contact with building and other company vendors for cleaning, maintenance and repair services
  • Negotiating the purchase of office supplies and furniture, and making economical purchase decisions
  • Ensuring office materials, printers and kitchen supplies are in stock
  • Creating and maintaining a list of approved office vendors of items such as office supplies, furniture, equipment, travel and hotels
  • Ensuring conference rooms are tidy and stocked with necessary items
  • Assisting receptionists and assistants, as needed
  • Spearheading the Emergency Action Plan for all offices
  • Acting as liaison with American Express Corporate travel and managing the American Express Corporate Card program in conjunction with a company’s finance department
  • Organizing employee events such as office breakfasts or holiday parties
  • Assisting HR with special projects and the transitioning of employees
  • Ordering/canceling employee building IDs
  • Maintaining seating plan chart
  • Organizing workstations and creating nameplates for new hires
  • Entering new hires into Concur, or other travel and expense system
  • Overseeing office relocations, including maintaining vendor relationships and coordinating with building supervisors

What Our Office Management Recruitment Agency Looks for in Candidates

What makes a successful office manager? Aside from a focused attention to detail and excellent project management skills, the key to success in this role is flexibility and a high level of emotional intelligence. A skillful office manager should also have the ability to grasp the goals of the business and relate to everyone in the organization, at every level from the mailroom attendant to the chairman of the board. C-Suite Assistants has extensive experience in the recruitment of the best office managers. We cast a wide net and screen candidates thoroughly when searching for the perfect fit for our clients.

Qualities of Skilled Office Manager Candidates

As an expert office manager recruitment agency, here is what C-Suite looks for when searching for the right office managers for our clients:
  • Experience managing an administrative staff, including hiring, training and delegating work flow
  • Experience managing a facility on a day-to-day basis
  • Experience in relocating an office including site selection, lease negotiation, construction supervision, and interior design
  • Interpersonal maturity and strong emotional IQ
  • Flexibility to deal with any situation
  • High technical aptitude with the ability to research, evaluate and implement new systems

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Whether you are a large or small business, how do you go about recruiting office management? If you are unsure how to answer this, you may need an experienced and reputable office manager recruitment agency that can help you define the role as it suits your needs. If you are looking for an agency that specializes in the recruitment of officer managers, the answer is C-Suite Assistants. We are one of the top office manager recruitment agencies in the US, as we’ve been placing top-tier office managers for our clients since 2003. For further information, call us at 646-214-7475 or contact us here for a free consultation.

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