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We pride ourselves on being experts in staffing executive assistants to CMO’s. Our many years of experience at Coleman & Company, the parent company to C-Suite Assistants, recruiting for marketing positions that report to the CMO give us a leg up. We’re recruited for positions such as Channel Marketing Managers, Brand and Communication Managers, Digital Strategy Managers, Market Research and Product Development Managers and other Thought Leadership roles. We know what it takes to support a marketing department! Also, our recruiters’ earlier experiences in the advertising and direct marketing industries heighten our understanding of the creative and business skills it takes to run a marketing team. This helps us to successfully staff executive assistants to CMOs. We are one of the best staffing agencies for recruiting executive assistants for marketing departments and CMO’s.

Staffing an Executive Assistant to the CMO Helps with Growing Challenges

With the rising dominance of digitalization and consumer-centric marketing, the role of the CMO has become increasingly challenging. Digitalization and social media trends require the CMO to spend more time focused on customer facing technology issues in addition to their other responsibilities. More and more time is spent on IT.

What We Look for When Recruiting an Executive Assistant to the CMO

As part of our executive assistant to CMO staffing process, we look for individuals who are super organized but also relate well to the many demands of the CMO office, the different departments, and the many different functions of the marketing team. A four-year college degree with a Communications major is certainly a big plus. When recruiting an executive assistant to the CMO we seek administrative professionals with a variety of skills, as seen below.

Executive Assistant to CMO Candidate Qualities:

  • Analytical skills so they can interpret marketing research, and compile sales and performance data
  • Excellent ability to put this data into presentations or critique presentations when requested by CMO
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and interact with the many different departments the CMO is involved with on a daily basis, and also work externally with advertising/brand firms and public relations companies.
  • Prior experience supporting a marketing department a plus
  • Resourceful, detail oriented
  • Comfortable working both independently and within a team environment
  • Self motivated, personable and able to communicate effectively with senior professionals
  • Experienced in Outlook calendar functions
  • Excellent in Microsoft products including: PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  • Able to handle multiple assignments and understand priorities
  • Excellent technical skills and able to learn new software, programs and procedures
  • Strong writing and research skills
  • Strong project management skills

What’s the Role of the Chief Marketing Officer?

Simply put, a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a C-Level Executive who is the head of all marketing activities in an organization. The CMO is an important member of the C-Suite and most often reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CMO is also the “Chief Influence Officer” of the company charged with bringing the company together as one voice.

Who & What Does the CMO Manage?

The CMO manages a team of direct reports, typically Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Vice Presidents, and other senior marketing managers. The CMO is responsible for facilitating growth, sales and marketing strategy. She/he must work towards objectives such as revenue generation, cost reduction, and risk mitigation. They are also responsible for Branding, both for the company as a whole and for individual products.
A successful CMO is analytical, overseeing pricing and market research; and creative, charged with designing advertising and promotions. They must also have strong interpersonal skills, with the skills and emotional IQ to coordinate many different styles of thinking in a single team.

General Responsibilities of the CMO Include:

  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Communications (including advertising, promotions and public relations)
  • Market Research
  • Sales Management
  • Product Development
  • Distribution channel management
  • Pricing

Necessary Qualities of Being a CMO

The CMO must be nimble and respond quickly to ever-changing circumstances in the firm, and must shape the company’s understanding of a particular product, sales strategy, or marketing idea. As each of these products often comes from a different department, the CMO must be able to tie together all the moving parts. It is a highly critical role, with involvement in departments such as corporate communications, production, public relations, human resources, legal, finance, and information technology.

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