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Since its inception in 2003, C-Suite Assistants, headquartered in New York City, has been finding administrative assistants jobs within our extensive network of financial services clients. From this home base, our administrative staffing business has expanded to include other industries such as Entertainment, Technology, Telecommunications, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Non-for-Profits, Foundations, Consulting firms, Legal firms, and Venture Capital Backed Start-ups in New York City and elsewhere.

With a reputation for finding the best Administrative Assistant jobs for our job seekers, we are often called upon by our clients to fill additional administrative assistants positions for their other office locations. Over the years we have extended our recruiting services to employers in most major cities that are centers of commerce nationwide.

Proven Success in Staffing Administrative Assistant Positions Around New York City

The key to our success in New York City is knowing our clients’ needs and executing a customized and disciplined approach to sourcing and evaluating our candidates. We test all our candidates to make sure they have the required technical skills. Through a face-to-face interview, we assess their personality, communication skills and presentation relative to each employer and their specific administrative assistant positions.

Below are some examples of placements of our C-Suite candidates in NYC Administrative Assistant jobs. You will see the needs of the employers are diverse but the profiles of these administrative assistants are similar…in that they are all highly educated with high GPA’s from good colleges with some prior administrative experience.

Non-for-Profit Administrative Assistant Job, NYC

A start up educational foundation was looking for a bright Administrative Assistant to support the Global Director of Admissions and a small team. The responsibilities for this administrative assistant job included traditional admin tasks, but also writing and drafting correspondence and working on projects. This assistant needed to act as gatekeeper, greet guests, manage calendars, coordinate heavy international travel arrangements, track and process expense reports, and create and proof memos and letters.

The successful candidate was a graduate of a top university with a major in International Relations. What made her even more special and ideal for this opportunity is that she had prior editorial, translator and program coordinating experience and spoke fluent Cantonese and Mandarin.

Administrative Assistant to the CFO and Team in NYC– Private Equity Firm

Our client required a candidate for an administrative assistant job who had several years of experience to support the CFO of their asset management business and his team of 8 professionals. The successful candidate had prior experience in the entertainment industry as an associate producer and had transitioned to a career administrative professional. She had a Bachelor’s degree in English with a 3.7 GPA from a top school.

Administrative Assistant Position at a NYC Venture Group – Private Equity

Our client required an intelligent Administrative Assistant with a few years of financial experience to support the Venture group of their Private Equity business. The successful candidate had started her career as an Administrative Assistant at one of the largest hedge funds in the country and had also just been promoted to Client Services. The candidate had a B.A. in Business Administration from a large top tier Southern University with a 3.9 GPA.

Filling an Administrative Assistant Position at a Film Production Company in NYC

A small but growing film production company based in NYC with close ties to Hollywood needed a recent college grad with at least 1 year of administrative assistant experience to perform ad-hoc administrative functions and also act as front desk receptionist. They wanted someone genuinely interested in the film industry who did not want to be a producer. They offered opportunity for advancement. The successful candidate was a Psychology major with a 3.6 GPA and some prior administrative experience. She also had been a marketing intern during college and had some event planning experience. She was promoted within 18 months.

Finding an Administrative Assistant for Co-Heads of Business Development in a NYC Asset Management Firm

A mid-sized asset management firm based in NYC with offices in Chicago and Charlotte, North Carolina needed a top notch Administrative Assistant to support two very senior co-heads of a growing business development group. They were looking for a candidate with a four-year college degree from a top university and also someone who had prior experience in a fast paced, highly stressful environment, preferably at a finance firm. The successful candidate had a B.A. in Business Management and had five years’ experience working in the high-pressure media industry as well as at a top tier investment banking firm in NYC.

Prestigious Global Asset Management Firm Administrative Assistant/Floater Job, NYC

Our client is a very large prestigious global asset management firm in NYC that hires Junior Administrative Assistants/Floaters to fill in on a short term or short notice basis for any open administrative positions in various areas of the organization. The role calls for a very smart, accomplished student with some internship/office experience in a fast-paced environment. The candidate must have a “no job too small” attitude and be willing to work in an array of departments including possibly the C-Suite. These “floaters” are typically fairly recent college graduates from distinguished colleges who may have an interest in pursuing a career at a financial firm in some of the ancillary areas such as Human Resources, Investor Relation or Public Affairs. The successful candidate we placed was one year out of a top tier university, had worked for a large entertainment company and had interned at a finance firm for one summer. The candidate wanted to transition back to a financial firm. After 18 months in the “floater” role, the candidate was promoted to the Public Affairs team.

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