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The Chief Executive Officer is by far the most important leader of any company, large or small. The success of the business depends on the CEO and calls for strategic insight, intelligence, execution, perseverance, inspiration and the ability to motivate and lead a team. An Executive Assistant to support the CEO requires a unique skill set of technical and soft skills such as discretion, forward thinking, flexibility, loyalty, dedication, poise, resilience and the ability to relate at every level. The Executive Assistant to the CEO is the right hand to the office, the gatekeeper, facilitator, with the ultimate responsibility to serve the Chief Executive Officer.

The key to a successful relationship between the CEO and the Executive Assistant to the CEO is professional compatibility and mutual respect. The successful pairing is almost like a professional marriage which is why excellence in Executive Assistant to CEO staffing is paramount. C-Suite Assistants is the solution for your Executive Assistant to CEO staffing needs. With our expertise in recruiting for this role and our fifteen year track record serving our very demanding clients in Assistant to CEO staffing, we promise to make the perfect match.

CEO Assistant Staffing: What We Look for

An Executive Assistant to a Chief Executive Officer is the ultimate administrative professional and must be totally committed to the success of the CEO office. We look for candidates with prior C-level experience, who have worked one-on-one with a C-Level executive. We look for poise, intelligence, a natural ability to prioritize and impeccable communication skills. Longevity in prior positions, discretion and the ability to navigate with internal and external stakeholders are also qualities we seek. Finally, we look for the right chemistry between the CEO and Executive Assistant, an intangible but critical ingredient for success. This is what we do best.

Some Recent EA to CEO Searches Completed by C-Suite Assistants

Global Asset Management Firm CEO Looks for a Local Executive Assistant with All the Right Skills

A new CEO to a large asset global management firm, relocating from London to New York, could not bring his trusted Executive Assistant of over nineteen years. He was a polished and sophisticated individual, with a more formal style than the prior CEO. He needed an Executive Assistant with international experience who could navigate a large organization successfully, could work under pressure (ideally from a major investment banking environment), could communicate with Board members, politicians and financial industry leaders, and was also a “local” resident familiar with New York restaurants and venues.

Co-Founder Searches for Finance Savvy EA Who’s Also a Team Player

A Co-Founder of a growing Global Middle Market lending business and hedge fund required a new Executive Assistant to support him. This Executive Assistant would support the CEO office, but also work as part of a team, in tandem with a Personal Assistant and some junior administrative assistants. The CEO assistant staffing requirements of this role called for someone very process oriented, thick skinned with a passion for perfection and 24/7 availability.

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