Executive Assistant Staffing: Connecting Professionals with Opportunities in Boston

The market for talented Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants is very competitive in Boston. The level of economic activity, and the many opportunities at Boston’s world-class universities, medical institutions, financial services firms, major multinationals, and start-ups; mean the demand for executive assistants is robust. Hiring managers are always competing to find top-quality, experienced, and highly educated EA help.

We, at C-Suite Assistants, have a track record of using our unique networks and sourcing capabilities to find the administrative talent best suited for this kind of market. Our deep talent pool helps make us the best recruiting agency in Boston to use if you are looking to hire an executive assistant.

Below are some examples of our executive assistant staffing in Boston as well as additional general information on hiring administrative talent for the Boston area.

Recent hires in Boston:

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Qualified Applicants from an Experienced Executive Assistant Staffing Agency Serving Boston

Many of our clients are very discerning, demanding that their administrative assistants have college degrees from top schools, high GPAs, excellent presentation skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment within a diversified work force. Our recruiters are experienced in understanding the businesses of clients. We help them find the right candidates who will fit perfectly in their cultural and work environments.

Using our Boston staffing agency will widen your access to this caliber of talent and save you innumerable hours of sifting through resumes, screening, interviewing and testing candidates’ skills. We will not waste your time by sending resumes of undesirable or unqualified candidates, and will work with you to quickly calibrate the requirements of your business and develop a strong pipeline of executive assistants or administrative assistants you will want to hire. Many of our clients are so impressed with the caliber of talent that they tell us they wish they could hire more than one of the candidates we present!

Staffing Opportunities in Boston’s Growing Job Market

Boston is well known in the financial world as being home to several major asset management companies, such as Fidelity Investments, John Hancock, Putnam and State Street Bank, which have their headquarters in the Boston metro area. The city also has a long history of fostering startups in the biotech and tech industries. Partly due to the influence of universities such as MIT, Boston was once the hub of tech start-ups such as Wang Labs, Digital Equipment and Data General. The story of why it lost its lead to Silicon Valley has been written about often, but what is clear is that the Boston area is once again rising up as a vibrant center for startups in a number of fields. These fields are opening up an increasing number of staffing opportunities.

The healthcare, higher education, and retail sectors also create numerous hiring opportunities in Boston. Partners Healthcare, Steward Health Care System and MIT are some of the biggest employers in Massachusetts. Companies like these require skilled administrative and executive support at every level of their businesses. For this reason, C-Suite Assistants is proud to offer its services as a top-tier executive assistant recruiting agency in the Boston area.

What Kinds of Positions Can Our Boston Executive Assistant Staffing Agency Assist You With?

Some of the assistant roles our staffing agency in Boston has a strong track record of filling are:

• Executive Assistants to the C-Suite and CEO
• Administrative Assistants
• Personal Assistants to busy executives and families
• Office Managers for smaller/mid-sized firms
• HR Assistants
• Sales Assistants
• Marketing Assistants
• Trading Assistants
• CRM Specialists
• Data Specialists
• Investor Relations Assistants
• Financial Assistants
• Client Service Coordinators
• Any kind of high-level support staff

If you are looking for an executive assistant staffing agency in Boston and would like assistance finding a talented administrative professional, or if you are an administrative professional yourself looking for a job, please get in touch with us at info@csuiteassistants.com or by calling 646-214-7475.

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