C-Suite Assistants is a Nationwide Executive Assistant Staffing Agency serving Houston, Austin, and Dallas

C-Suite Assistants is a leading executive assistant staffing agency with experience serving Houston, Austin, and Dallas. From its beginnings in 2003 covering Wall Street and the financial services industry in and around New York City, C-Suite Assistants has expanded across the country as a national staffing agency focused on multiple industries. We have successfully placed executive, administrative, and personal assistant talent for large global banks, private equity and asset management firms, large technology firms, media companies, and wealthy entrepreneurs all over the country. Let us help you hire an executive assistant now.

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We Understand the Market in Houston, Dallas, & Austin

Knowledge of local markets is crucial for a successful executive assistant staffinc agency. Here at C-Suite, we have expanded our services by offering staffing assistance throughout Texas. As an executive assistant staffing agency covering Houston, Austin and Dallas we have an extensive network of candidates. We are especially adept at sourcing the high-quality candidates that are in demand by CEOs and other C-level executives. Within Texas, we know that there are differences between the Houston, Dallas and Austin markets. These differences impact both the availability and flexibility of the candidate pool.

For example, we know that Austin is a highly desirable location for many candidates, yet the cost of living in Austin is much higher than either Dallas or Houston, especially when it comes to housing. The cost of living in Houston is also higher than the cost of living in Dallas. When sourcing and screening candidates, therefore, we are aware that relocation usually only works in circumstances where there is a specific personal reason for the candidate to make the move. Whether the relocation involves going from a place with a higher to lower cost of living, and whether the compensation package can be adjusted accordingly to reflect higher living costs are factors we take into consideration.

Proven Success in Executive Assistant Staffing

The CEO and co-founder of a Private Equity firm in Houston required an Executive Assistant to be his “right hand” to support him in all the day-to-day matters of running the firm. Local Houston staffing agencies had been unable to find the high-quality administrative talent required to support this very busy and discerning executive. Within one week, C-Suite provided a full slate of candidates for this position, resulting in a successful hire within three weeks. The interview process was rigorous, requiring candidates to take personality and intelligence assessments in addition to the usual testing of office skills. The final criterion, of course, was the professional “chemistry” match between our client and the candidate!

What Kinds Of Administrative Assistant Positions can C-Suite Help You With In Texas?

All major metropolitan centers in the US need the same type of administrative assistant support. There are regional differences to be aware of, but the nature of the roles and the skills required are the same. C-Suite Assistants has extensive experience recruiting administrative candidates for the following administrative support roles:

• Executive Assistant to the CEO
• Executive Assistant to the CIO, COO or other C-Suite levels
• Administrative Assistant
• Personal Assistant
• Office Manager
• HR Assistant
• Marketing Assistant
• Investor Relations Assistant
• Client Relations Assistant
• Compliance Assistant
• Legal Assistant
• Digital Marketing Assistant
• Financial Assistant
• Multilingual or Bilingual Assistant
• Receptionist

Partner with C-Suite Assistants: Your Executive Assistant Staffing Agency in Texas

If you would like to hire an executive assistant or any other type of administrative or personal assistant in any of the major Texas markets, call us at 646-214-7475 or contact us at info@csuiteassistants.com. We would be happy to discuss your current or future needs, and let you know how C-Suite Assistants, a specialist administrative staffing agency covering Houston, Austin and Dallas can help you hire a top-quality executive or administrative assistant.

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