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The best business leaders are those who can effectively delegate duties to increase productivity. Within their own daily schedules, this process of delegation often includes a well-trained and professional Executive Assistant.

Because no person is a master of all tasks, and there is limited time in the workday, finding an assistant could be the key to maximizing your performance. The right executive assistant will compliment your leadership position by organizing and supporting your daily routine. 

Executive assistants can make your life easier by taking over administrative tasks that can consume much of the workday. In doing so, they give you the freedom to run your company at your best. By having more time in your workday, you can finally focus on those duties that directly translate into profitability. In refocusing your energy on important jobs, you can further realize your potential as an executive.

Why Choose C-Suite Assistants for Your Recruiting Needs?  

C-Suite is one of the only recruitment agencies focused specifically on Executive Assistants on a national level. We have specialized in Executive Assistant roles for nearly 20 years and  developed an immense network of executive assistant candidates and expertise in this particular job function. Our extensive history makes C-Suite thought leaders in the field of Executive Assistant search.

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Proven Success in Staffing Executive Assistant to CEO’s Nationwide

C-Suite Assistants has been staffing executive assistant jobs since our start in 2003. While headquartered in NYC, C-Suite Assistants has successfully filled many executive assistant positions in cities across the USA. Below are some examples of successful executive assistant placements by C-Suite Assistants in a variety of industries and locations:

Executive Assistant to Co-Founders, Film Production Company, Los Angeles, CA

An award-winning production company with offices in Venice, CA and London that works on both commercial and films needed an Executive Assistant to support the two Co-Founders. They wanted a true career Executive Assistant who could handle the fast pace, and be proactive . C-Suite Assistants placed an assistant who had supported the CEO of a global production company, and had also worked in public relations.

Executive Assistant to CEO, National Senior Living Firm, DC area

The new CEO of a national Senior Living Firm firm, needed an Executive Assistant who could hit the ground running and be a true partner and assist with implementing change.  C-Suite Assistants quickly placed a polished Executive Assistant who was a great cultural fit, had the right chemistry to work for the CEO and had 10 years of experience supporting C-level executives.

Executive Assistant to Founder, Private Equity Firm (Oil & Gas), Dallas, TX

The Founder of a prominent private equity firm specializing in oil and natural gas was looking for a new Executive Assistant. One of the main criteria was that the Executive Assistant had to be from the Northeast (as was the Founder).  C-Suite Assistants found a great candidate who was from New York, had a degree from Syracuse University and had recently relocated to Dallas.

Executive Assistant to Principal, Venture Capital Firm, Seattle, WA area

The founder of a venture capital firm with the rapid pace and culture of a start up was looking for an Executive Assistant. The firm makes opportunistic private equity and venture capital investments. He required a dynamic and experienced  EA capable of facilitating and coordinating his daily business matters. C-Suite Assistants placed an Executive Assistant with six years of experience supporting senior private equity leaders who was skilled at prioritizing, re-aligning, and shifting gears quickly to drive projects forward in a fast-paced environment.

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Why Choose to Work with a Staffing Agency Rather than Make the Hire Yourself? 

Many employers assume that experienced executive assistants are easy to find. 

As office work grows increasingly sophisticated with advancements in business technology, qualified executive assistants are getting increasingly harder to find. Even more, as executive assistants work closely with top leadership, it is extremely important that their personalities are aligned with those they support.

Due to hiring constraints related to technology skills and personality traits, finding the perfect executive assistant can prove quite challenging – as well as time-consuming. Unfortunately for busy executives, long, drawn-out hiring processes are a strain on company time and resources.

C-Suite is the most qualified administrative staffing agency for your Executive Assistant search needs. We would love to talk to you about putting our energy, knowledge, and network behind your executive team. 

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