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No leaders can function at their best without a solid team behind them. When looking at the schedules of busy executives, you will find that their days are packed full of important tasks and difficult decision making. These leaders must not only be able to seamlessly navigate between important responsibilities, but they must also manage their time well.

The best leaders are those who can effectively delegate duties to increase productivity. Within their own daily schedules, this process of delegation often includes a well-trained executive assistant.

Because no person is a master of all tasks, and there is limited time in the workday, finding an assistant could be the key to maximizing your performance. The right executive assistant will compliment your leadership position by reinforcing weak areas of your daily routine. Even more, they will help you stay organized.

Why Choose a Staffing Agency Rather than Hire Yourself?

Many employers assume that experienced executive assistants are easy to find. In like fashion, some people expect that all executive assistant jobs are like office manager jobs.

As office work grows increasingly sophisticated with advancements in business technology, qualified executive assistants are getting increasingly harder to find. Even more, as executive assistants work closely with top leadership, it is extremely important that their personalities match those of their supervisors.

Due to hiring constraints related to technology skills and personality traits, finding the perfect executive assistant can prove quite challenging – as well as time-consuming. Unfortunately for busy executives, long, drawn-out hiring processes are a strain on company time and resources.

Why Choose C-Suite for Your Recruiting Needs?  

There are several reasons why you should choose C-Suite for your executive assistant recruiting needs.

C-Suite is one of the only recruitment agencies which focuses specifically on executive assistants. As we have been in business for nearly 20 years, we have developed an immense network of administrative assistant candidates. Even more, our extensive history makes C-Suite thought leaders in the field of executive assistant search.

C-Suite is the most qualified administrative staffing agency for your search needs. We would love to talk to you about putting our energy, knowledge, and network behind your executive team. 

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What Does an Executive Assistant Do?

Depending on your line of work, as well as your internal organization, executive assistants can handle several jobs.

Generally speaking, executive assistants help an organization’s executive leadership with administrative support and clerical work. Their skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing office organization
  • Handling client (email, phone, fax)
  • Scheduling meetings for leadership
  • Overseeing inter-department communication

Beyond these basic duties, many of today’s executive assistants are comfortable with business management software such as Google Suite. Moreover, certain assistants can handle light bookkeeping duties and basic digital marketing work.

How Can Executive Assistants Make Your Life Easier?

Top executives should spend their time making important decisions and conducting high level assignments. When you are forced to spend time on remedial work like office organization and email replies, you often neglect important management jobs.

Executive assistants can make your life easier by taking over organizational jobs that consume much of the workday. In doing so, they give you the freedom to run your company at your best. By having more time in your workday, you can finally focus on those duties that directly translate into profitability. In refocusing your energy on important jobs, you can further realize your potential as an executive.

Proven Success in Staffing Executive Assistant Positions in NYC

C-Suite Assistants has been staffing executive assistant jobs in NYC since our start in 2003. We’ve successfully placed candidates in EA positions for a variety of companies. Below are some examples of our success in staffing executive assistant positions in NYC and the greater New York area.

Executive Assistant to CEO and Founding Partner, NYC

The CEO and Founding Partner of a private investment firm in mid-town Manhattan needed an Executive Assistant position in NYC filled with someone who was all about business and had flawless attention to process and procedures. The role required working one-on-one with the CEO, performing traditional administrative duties such as extensive travel arrangements, daily calendars, CRM system management, assisting with personal projects, billing of clients and expense reporting. C-Suite Assistants completed the search successfully, finding the perfect candidate with former military experience, strong organizational and logistical skills and professional chemistry with the CEO.

Executive Assistant to Senior Managing Director, NYC

The incoming Senior Managing Director of a large and prestigious global investment management firm in midtown Manhattan had an executive assistant job opening supporting the Head of Legal and Tax Policy.  This was a high exposure position in the executive offices where polish, attention to detail, a proactive attitude and organizational skills were key.

Executive Assistant to the Co-Heads of Business Development, NYC

The two busy co-heads of Business Development of a private growing $22B Asset Management firm in New York City required an Executive Assistant to support them in their active pursuit of bringing in new institutional investors. They needed an experienced EA to manage their busy calendars and frequent travel (both domestic and international), as well as to be the ground control when they were frequently out of the office. The role also demanded flawless attention to detail, meeting preparation and ability to work long hours when required.

Executive Assistant to Chief Communications Officer, Westchester

The CCO, voice to the public of a Fortune 500 telecommunications company headquartered in White Plains, required a senior administrative professional to support her. The successful candidate was a polished, experienced EA with corporate background and knowledge of Public Relations and Communications. She understood tight deadlines, was able to handle intense, stressful situations, be the “right arm” to the boss, and deal with Analysts and Corporate PR. She also possessed excellent PowerPoint and calendar skills.

Executive Assistant to the Vice Chairman, Fairfield

The Vice Chairman of a Greenwich based Hedge Fund required a mature Executive Assistant to manage both the daily administration of his business affairs, and also assist him with his personal life: managing a second home in the Hamptons, family vacations and personal investments. The successful candidate had experience in a similar hybrid EA/Personal Assistant role and had worked for some very high-profile Wall Street bosses. The two personalities of the Vice Chairman and the EA were a perfect professional match.

Executive Assistant to Director, Hartford

A top Fortune 500 technology company headquartered in Hartford, and the largest employer in CT, needed an Executive Assistant position filled to support the Director of a global supply management chain across all of the company’s business units. The position required at least seven years of prior corporate administrative experience, of which four years were supporting a senior executive. The successful candidate needed to be able to work independently and make decisions with minimal direction, and, most critically, be able to prioritize multiple assignments in a fast-paced environment with attention to detail, a calm demeanor and a “can do attitude.”

Our Success in Staffing Executive Assistant Jobs Extends Beyond NYC

While based in NYC, C-Suite Assistants has also successfully filled many executive assistant positions in cities across the country. Below are some examples of executive assistant jobs in a variety of industries where we placed the perfect candidate.

Executive Assistant to CEO, Boston

The headquarters of a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company was relocating to Boston, due to a merger. The CEO who was relocating was losing his Executive Assistant who had been with him for many years and could not move due to family reasons. The challenge was to find a replacement, an experienced C- level EA with prior pharmaceutical experience.

Executive to Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Washington D.C.

The Founding Partner and CEO of a start-up financial restructuring business, with a new office opening near the White House, was seeking a strong, mature self starter, to help open the office and establish administrative practices for the firm. The successful candidate was an experienced C-level administrator with exceptional Microsoft Office skills, with the ability to work in a challenging and fast-paced environment from her prior C-level position at a large Greenwich, CT Hedge Fund.

Assistant to SVP Human Resources, San Francisco

The Senior Vice President of Human Resources of a high-profile Fortune 100 technology business in San Francisco needed an administrative partner to support her. The Human Resources function at this major corporation was highly regarded and the person filling this executive assistant position was to be groomed as the top administrative partner to the Head of Human Resources. The successful candidate had 7-10 years of experience, was deep into her career and had the right skill set and confidence to take on the role.

Executive Assistant to CEO and Co-Founder, Houston

The CEO and Co-Founder of a private equity firm in Houston, required an EA to help him manage all day-to-day administrative matters. The executive assistant position called for an exceptionally bright person, preferably from a financial services or energy/oil background, with prior C-level support experience, to take charge and always be looking for ways to do things better and make things happen. They liked our candidates so much they hired us to find a Personal Assistant for the wife of the CEO.

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, Chicago

A Chicago based CEO, a high-profile Hedge Fund Manager, needed to fill a senior Executive Assistant job with someone who would be comfortable sitting in the middle of a busy trading floor with the composure and organizational skills to act as the key liaison between the executives and the employees of the hedge fund. They also needed someone who could host visits from high-profile clients with professionalism and discretion. In addition to traditional administrative responsibilities such as calendar management and coordinating domestic and international travel, this EA also needed the skills to interact with accounting and finance teams within the Family Office.

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