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C-Suite Assistants is a nationwide, boutique firm with 20+ years of experience specializing in executive and personal assistant staffing in New York City. Founded in New York and with a long track record as a boutique firm, we continue to have consistent five star reviews on Google. We not only understand the specific administrative needs of business leaders, but also maintain a rigorous vetting process to ensure that C-suite executives only receive top-tier talent for consideration. We are one of the top executive assistant recruiters in NYC and we are dedicated to placing the best candidates every time.

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About Our Executive Assistant Staffing Services in New York City

Our recruiting business started in 2003 in New York City, specifically servicing the financial services community. For two decades, we have helped our New York City clients find high level administrative talent. In total, C-Suite Assistants has a proprietary resume database of over 6,000 administrative, executive, and personal assistants in the NYC area as well as over 14,000 nationwide. We built this database over a period of 13 years and continue to add new talent. Additionally, we have over 66,000 members in our C-Suite Assistants LinkedIn Group, all high level administrative candidates, a large percentage of which are New York based

Why Choose C-Suite Assistants to Find Your Executive Assistant

While many executive assistant staffing agencies in NY source candidates online, many of our best candidates come through personal referrals from our wide-ranging connections in the New York City and Tri-State Area. This means we’re actively recruiting the best talent available based on their previous success at other organizations. Here are some other reasons why we stand out:

Our goal is to take what is usually a time-consuming process and provide an immediate, quality solution. No matter your administrative hiring needs, our executive assistant recruiters in NYC personalize and expedite your search from day one.

Our Expertise Expands Across Industries as Executive Assistant Recruiters in NYC

We specialize in the placement of both Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants to CEOs, Founders, and top c-suite executives across all industries. Our successful track record includes placements within: 

The demand for experienced executive and administrative assistants is high, and the competition for talent is strong. That’s why our specific knowledge of market dynamics and our expertise in the executive and personal assistant role provides our clients a competitive advantage in the search for the best talent in any of these industries.

Our Process for Placing Executive Assistants

Finding the best executive assistants starts with a good conversation to get to know you, your company, and your specific requirements. The more we know about the company culture, the style of the executive, and the specific job responsibilities, the better we can help you. Our step-by-step process includes:

  1. Developing a tailored job description
  2. Reaching out to candidates with referrals in our internal database
  3. Searching for candidates confidentially on LinkedIn
  4. Custom research and job postings on our website
  5. Interviewing slates of candidates on your behalf
  6. Presenting the best candidates via resume and interview summaries
  7. Scheduling first interviews according to your organization’s process
  8. Providing candidate feedback and calibrating the candidate search
  9. Crafting competitive compensation packages for selected candidates
  10. Requesting references and offering onboarding support.

Throughout this process, we ensure that we stay aligned with your goals at every step. This means pivoting the search when necessary and providing more detailed information about a candidate’s aptitudes. We can even determine their communication styles and personality to look for qualities that aren’t necessarily represented on a resume.

C-Suite Assistants Can Help Find Candidates for the Following Administrative Positions

C-Suite Assistants is no ordinary personal and executive assistant agency in NYC. While we specialize in placing both executive and personal assistants for C-Suite executives or individuals, we also have tremendous success placing candidates in other administrative positions, such as:

All of these positions are crucial to the efficiency of higher-level management and are invaluable partners in the success of an organization. That is why we tailor every placement process to the needs of the business and the executive.

Is There a Difference Between a Personal Assistant and an Executive Assistant?

Yes. An executive assistant works in the office and is singularly focused on the business. In contrast, a personal assistant mostly takes care of personal affairs, often working from an office in their client’s home. However, there is also a hybrid role known as an executive/personal assistant. This combines the two roles into someone who can adeptly handle both professional and personal tasks.

Administrative Jobs Our Executive Assistant Recruiters in NYC Have Filled

At C-Suite Assistants, our previous results speak to our dedication to our clients. Here are just a few examples of recent placements.

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C-Suite Assistants Is the Premier Executive Assistant Staffing Agency in NY

If you are looking to hire an executive or personal assistant in NYC for your organization or yourself, C-Suite Assistants is the premier choice. With over two decades of experience placing candidates, we know the ins and outs of finding the best fit for your needs, no matter your industry. For more information please call us at 646-214-7475 or contact us through our online form today.

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