Executive Assistant to COO Staffing

Why Staffing an Assistant to the COO Is Important

The chief operating officer (COO) of a company is a key C-level executive, most often reporting to the chief executive officer. The COO is focused on the establishment and optimization of the day-to-day operations of the company. The essential duties and responsibilities of the COO may vary by industry, whether it be manufacturing, health care, financial services, accounting, bio-tech, pharmaceutical, etc. With the wide range of responsibilities the COO has, staffing an assistant to the COO can be beneficial for the whole company.

We’re Experts in COO Assistant Staffing

Our expertise in COO assistant staffing is based on our understanding of the demands of the chief operating officer’s role, and our experience recruiting COOs for our Coleman & Company clients. We therefore know exactly what kind of administrative support is required when it comes to COO assistant staffing.

What We Look for When Recruiting an Executive Assistant to the COO

Because the COO is interacting with employees at every level of the organization, in addition to having basic administrative and technical skills, the EA to the COO must have exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to navigate with ease through an organization at every level. The EA to the COO often acts as the de facto “Chief of Staff,” and knows every manager in every department as well as what they do.

The EA to the COO staffing focuses on finding a master at project management. Since the COO’s role is to keep the whole business operating smoothly, the EA to the COO must be highly organized, know how to prioritize, and also be process-driven. The EA to the COO should have a solid sense of how the business is run and understand the goals and objectives of senior management. This individual frequently holds a college degree, has a tenured position within the organization and is a career administrative person.

Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer Responsibilities

While the responsibilities of the COO’s assistant staffing opportunities may differ depending on the company, they generally include:

  • Calendar management
  • Planning for interdepartmental, board and shareholder meetings
  • Preparing financial reports, financial plans and budgets for meetings
  • Daily interaction with the staff of the CEO

Common Responsibilities of the COO:

  • Works with the CEO to establish and follow a financial plan to achieve the company’s financial goals, including tracking expenditures, revenues and staff productivity.
  • Supports and advises the CEO in decision-making.
  • Monitors the firm’s profitability, budget, performance and revenue.
  • Establishes operational processes and best practices.
  • Directs the company’s operations to meet budget and other financial goals.
  • Oversees business policies and accounting practices.
  • Analyzes and reviews financial reporting.
  • Oversees annual budget.
  • Manages a business’s insurance policies, handling their procurement, monitoring and management.
  • Oversees risk management and legal activities.
  • Oversees the IT director, ensuring that this department supports the company’s IT needs.
  • Works closely with internal groups to constantly improve client services, and makes sure tasks are completed on time with provided support.
  • Oversees and manages administrative functions for all offices.
  • Uses technology and learns new software or technology applications as adopted by the firm.
  • Ensures compliance with all of a company’s policies and procedures.

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