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What Makes Us Unique and Distinguishes Us From Other Staffing Firms?

Through our extensive networks and affiliations, we can source passive candidates who are under the radar screen and otherwise inaccessible.

How We Provide the Best Experience in Hiring an Executive Assistant

It all starts by establishing and developing long term, professional relationships. This is how we really get to know our employers and candidates and find out what makes them tick. Then we apply a highly disciplined approach and develop customized solutions for the recruitment of executive and personal assistants. We tailor each search, almost always resulting in the perfect match. Read on below to get more details on how we do this and some examples of successful searches.

How Our Staffing Services Save Employers Time

When working with employers, we take pride in pairing your organization with proven administrative professionals who continually surpass expectations. We firmly believe in quality, not quantity, and will not waste your time and crowd your inbox with high volumes of mediocre resumes. Our team meets with many more candidates than we end up sending to clients; this is our job. Our primary goal is to save you time through our careful and uniquely tailored vetting process. We will always tell you why we feel a candidate is right for you, and what makes each of them special. We work thoroughly, quickly and efficiently to respond to your staffing needs, taking care of scheduling, feedback, reference checking, offer negotiation, etc.

More Information for Employers with Executive Staffing Needs

Can you help me hire an assistant if I am not in NYC?

Absolutely. Although we are headquartered in New York City, we have recruited C-level assistants for employers in major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington DC, Reston and Miami.

What is the average length of your search process from start to finish?

The length of a search can vary depending on the responsiveness of the employer and the complexity of the search, but typically it takes 3-4 weeks.

What is your fee structure?

We prefer to work on a contingency basis, as opposed to a retainer. In other words, our fee depends on how successful we are. For certain searches, we advise our clients to consider an exclusive arrangement or a small retainer.

Who are your clients?

While the majority of our clients are from the financial sector, such as global banks, investment management firms, insurance companies, hedge funds and private equity firms, we also recruit administrative assistants for top Fortune 500 companies in other industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Fin Tech, Technology, Telecommunications, Retail and Media, as well as family offices, charitable foundations and research and educational organizations. Personal assistants for CEOs and celebrities are also a growing sector of C-Suite’s business.

Can you find candidates for temp-to-perm or contract assignments?

Most of our administrative staffing assignments are for permanent employees, but we also recruit for temp-to-perm positions, depending on the employer’s requirements.

How do you source your candidates?

We rely on a multitude of avenues for sourcing administrative candidates, and leave no stone unturned. Our vast network of C-level executive assistants is contained in our proprietary database of over 5000 candidates. We also rely heavily on personal referrals. Other sources include our website, LinkedIn and other professional networks.

What is your screening process?

Before we even send you a resume we do the following:

What are some notable placements completed by C-Suite Assistants?

How We Work with Our Candidates

If you are a candidate for an executive or personal assistant position, we will work closely with you to identify and connect you with opportunities that are aligned with your skills, qualifications and career goals. We can’t guarantee every candidate a job, but we guarantee we will be responsive, honest, and take the time to prepare you for interviews. We will provide timely feedback and guide you through the entire recruitment and onboarding process.
If you need to hire an assistant or wish to apply for a position, contact us here, or call the C-Suite Team at 646-214-7475 or email us at

See what others have to say about our professional recruitment agency:

“When I was conducting a search for an EA for the Head of Marketing/Sales team, Linda sent 5 excellent resumes as opposed to 25 from the other staffing firm, but I knew that all of her candidates were worth meeting and she had taken the time to meet each one in person.”
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