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What Makes Us Experts In Administrative Assistant to CFO Recruitment?

Apart from the fact that we have actively engaged in staffing of assistants to the CFO office for fifteen years, we have also recruited Chief Financial Officers for many of our clients though the parent company, Coleman & Company, LLC, so we understand the needs of this office at both levels.

EA to CFO Recruitment: Understanding the Business Relationship

A C-level Executive Assistant to a CFO, depending on the size and structure of the company, may have a one-on-one relationship working exclusively for the CFO, but can also be a shared resource within a Corporate Accounting Group. In the latter case, the bulk of the work supports the CFO, but the EA will also sometimes support other other C-Level Executives within the organization, such as the CEO or COO. The qualities and skills we look for when staffing executive assistants to CFOs are highlighted below.

What We Look for When Staffing an EA or Personal Assistant to the CFO:

  • Discretion, as AE’s to CFO’s often handle extremely confidential financial information, such as mergers and acquisitions
  • Detail oriented, no margin for errors
  • Technically strong in Excel and often Concur
  • Numerical and analytical, enjoy working with numbers
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills. Has the poise and presence to work closely with the CEO’s office and other senior Executives along with Board members.
  • Well educated. An assistant to the CFO typically holds a four-year Bachelor degree, sometimes an MBA
  • Prior C-level experience within the organization

What Are the Responsibilities of an Executive Assistant to a Chief Financial Officer?

While the responsibilities of an EA to a CFO may differ depending on the company, in general they include:

  • Heavy Excel spreadsheet work
  • Management of CFO office expense reports
  • Calendar Management
  • CRM Management
  • Traffic documents, checks and ACH payments, contracts, invoices, employment requisitions
  • Assist with Investment, Audit and Risk Committee meetings, preparing minutes, liaison between Committee members and staff
  • Assist with analytical and reporting functions
  • Meeting Planning
  • Travel Planning
  • Review and Approval of C-Level Officers and direct reports expenses
  • Prepare presentations for Board Members, Executive Team
  • Assist with Business Plan presentation and monthly and quarterly Board meeting materials

What’s the Role of a CFO?

The Chief Financial Officer is the financial control room of any company. The Chief Financial Officer, a strategic partner to the CEO, has responsibility for keeping track of the financial pulse of the business. The responsibilities of this office may vary by industry and whether the company is large or small, private or publicly held.

General CFO Responsibilities:

  • Tax reporting, SEC Filings
  • Expense tracking
  • Manage budgets
  • Manage payroll expense
  • Oversee Risk & Audit functions
  • Oversee Reporting for Monthly and Quarterly Board and Executive Meetings
  • Profit/Loss Reporting

CFO Background & Experience

The typical background of a Chief Financial Officer is an Executive with ten to fifteen years or more of progressive experience with publicly traded companies and SEC reporting, a Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Finance, and prior experience as a CFO or Controller. Whatever industry, most importantly, a Chief Financial Officer almost always is a Certified Public Accountant with prior accounting experience.

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