C-Level Executive Assistant Jobs

What Do C-Level Assistant Jobs Include?

A C-level assistant is an administrative professional who supports a C-Level Executive or senior business leader within an organization or in their personal business. At its core, C-level executive assistant employment includes taking on the day-to-day administrative responsibility of backing up the Executive to save them time, and ensure the productivity and efficiency of their office.

Typical C-level Assistant Jobs

While C-Level Assistant jobs vary from large to small companies, they often include:

The Evolution of Executive Assistant to C-Level Jobs

The C-Level Executive Assistant employment role has become increasingly complex due to the importance of technology and the globalization of business. At a small company, the C-Level EA must be able to wear many different hats and perform multiple functions, such as IT Systems specialist, bookkeeper, travel coordinator, calendar management and facilities manager. At larger corporations, the senior Executive Assistants often supervises a team of lower assistants who work different shifts to provide 24- hour coverage for a CEO.

What Employers Look for When Filling C-Level Assistant Jobs

Employers have many skills and qualities in mind when they’re looking to fill C-level executive assistant jobs in NYC & other areas. Apart from the need for exceptional technical skills, which is a given, a C-Level EA (or any C-Level Assistant) must be highly intelligent, often college educated and have a calling for the profession. Truly great C-Level Assistants are highly organized and love what they do. In today’s business world, when fully utilized they can become a trusted and real business partner.

Beyond boosting their boss’s performance, a good Executive Assistant understands the goals and priorities of the business and knows how to be proactive and stay ahead of the game. They are independent, decisive, with good business acumen and judgment. They are frequently in attendance at important corporate meetings and sometimes called upon to substitute at less important meetings, when the boss cannot attend.

Ideal Skills & Qualities of C-Level Assistants in NYC & Other Areas

To take on the role of Executive Assistant to a C-Level executive, prior C-level experience is often required, but occasionally a very bright administrative assistant is ready to step up or has been groomed to take on the role. Longevity serving one boss is always a plus to look for when hiring a new C-Level Assistant. However, from our experience in staffing C-Suite Executive Assistant jobs, the average C-Level Assistant changes jobs on average every 3-5 years. This is not due to lack of commitment or loyalty, but more often a result of C-Level Executive management change or downsizing. It is very rare that we see a resume with an assistant working for the same Executive for his/her entire career.

Professional demeanor is always a requirement. A polished appearance and good communication skills are a must. In addition, a knowledge of cultural differences and international experience is frequently a requirement, especially in NYC. Fluency in multiple languages is also commonly expected. But at the top of the list, the most essential quality to look for is professional chemistry.

Why Choose C-Suite Assistants to Fill C-Level Executive Assistant Jobs in NYC?

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