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Our Personal Assistant Staffing Agency Makes It Easy to Find the Perfect Hire

At C-Suite Assistants, our personal assistant recruitment agency finds the most qualified candidates for your needs. With years of experience in personal assistant recruitment, we understand each client is looking for something different. Regardless of your exact needs, we look for candidates with the underlying skills you need in a Personal Assistant.

Skills Our Personal Assistant Recruitment Agency Looks For:

  • Self-motivated with ability to work in a home environment
  • Polished individual with good energy and positive approach
  • Strong attention to detail; forward thinker; highly organized
  • Strong Microsoft Office Suite skills
  • High level of discretion, confidentiality and integrity
  • Have exceptional interpersonal, professional and communication skills
  • Ability and experience acting with independent discretion
  • Familiarity with local Restaurants/Hotels (knowledge of other major cities worldwide is a plus)
  • Must be a multi-tasker
  • Excellent memory/recall
  • Fluency in other languages is often a plus
  • Ability to anticipate future problems

What Makes Recruiting Personal Assistants Different from Executive Assistants?

While the roles of a personal assistant and an executive assistant might share some qualities, it’s important to understand the differences. The former is an administrative professional who provides support to a Senior Executive, Celebrity, High-Net Worth individual or their families in helping them manage their often complicated personal lives and properties. Often, the Personal Assistant works from an office at the main residence of their boss; sometimes the PA sits at the Corporate office as part of the senior administrative support team. The one thing that distinguishes the PA from other support roles is that the main focus is supporting the private business of the family they serve.

Responsibilities Vary by Role but Generally Include:

  • Managing complex calendar planning
  • Answering/screening telephone calls
  • Taking calls and following through on responses
  • Monitoring emails and drafting correspondence and making sure no balls are dropped
  • Sorting through mail and RSVPing to invitations
  • Event planning
  • Booking domestic and international personal travel as needed (both commercial and private), and creating itineraries
  • Supervising renovations and home repairs
  • Researching and hiring vendors
  • Wardrobe maintenance
  • Shopping & gift shopping
  • Holiday decorating
  • Staff supervision and hiring
  • Coordinating calendars with the office EA
  • Art cataloguing
  • Preparing summer homes for visits
  • Making restaurant reservations
  • Procuring tickets to Broadway shows and museums

C-Suite Personal Assistant Placements: A Track Record of Excellence

Personal Assistant to the wife of a CEO of a private equity firm, NYC

The HR manager at a prestigious private equity firm contacted our personal assistant staffing agency to find an assistant for the wife of the CEO. They had used other agencies and avenues without success. They needed someone who would fit in with a formal household (the butler makes everyone lunch) and who would be comfortable working on their own. The role included managing the principal’s work in producing Broadway shows, and her demanding social schedule. The key was finding a candidate with the right experience and temperament. Through our network of high-profile PAs we have worked with over the years, we found and successfully placed a candidate with the necessary demeanor and polish the role required.

Chargé d’affaires at a family foundation, NYC

The president of a family foundation about to be turned over to the third generation came to us to find a Chargé d’affaires who would assist with running the foundation and assisting with the affairs of the president. They needed someone with great technical and organizational skills who would handle themselves with aplomb at the yearly gala and be responsible enough to vet all incoming emails; and update donor lists, guest lists and travel plans. They would also need to be comfortable primarily working alone, as the president travels extensively networking with donors across the globe. We found the perfect candidate with a high level of technical skills. In addition, the candidate was educated in France and speaks four languages, which will save the president a lot of time communicating with donors in European countries.

Personal Assistant to Socialite and Philanthropist, NYC, Hamptons, Palm Beach

A socialite with 3 residences and a foundation came to us to find a personal assistant. The position required someone who could supervise the staff, shop, plan events, travel to Florida to decorate for the holidays and most of all be patient and kind with the principal whose current assistant was a bit like a bull in a china shop. We found a great fit: an assistant who had worked with a high net worth principal for 14 years and who was sophisticated and professional. As soon as they met they knew the chemistry was perfect. In addition, the candidate has excellent Microsoft Office skills, which we verified by testing.

Personal Assistant to the Founder and President of a Hedge Fund, NYC

The hiring authority at a hedge fund came to us to find a personal assistant for the busy president of the firm. The challenge was to find an assistant who would fit in with the culture at the firm, since the PA would be a liaison between the family and the employees there and the firm was made up of graduates from top schools. In addition to well-educated and smart, the individual needed to be comfortable doing research and not too proud to run errands and occasionally make breakfast. We found a perfect fit in a 2014 Hobart & William Smith grad, who is unflappable and easily handles the demands of the job and the temperament of the principal which can fluctuate due to the demands of the trading desk.

Hear From our Thrilled Candidates

B.B., Personal Assistant to the CEO of an asset management firm and his wife; Dallas, TX
“C-Suite is by far the best Employment Agency I have worked with throughout my career. Fast, efficient, to the point, accurate interview prep and feedback – easy to work with. I got the job in less then 2 weeks. Gerry and Linda both, have a ton of first hand experience in the corporate world and know how to get the ball rolling. Thank you for all you have done for me”.

N.S., Personal Assistant placed with a Family Foundation-NYC; Palm Beach, The Hamptons
“Once in awhile, you stumble on a jewel of a business or agency that puts all others in the same category to shame. C-Suite Assistants is such an operation! The caliber of professionalism and degree of respect with which I was treated during my job search was stunning. My recruiter, Gerry Sheridan, a truly special individual, was warm and considerate; moreover, she treated me like a professional. She took my job search criteria and wishes into serious consideration throughout the process.”

“Usually, you tell an agency what type of job you seek, and they present you with options so off-putting and at odds with your skill set, it’s clear that they’re just pushing their own agenda. They look in your eyes and see dollar signs, gambling only on your ability to hold down the job long enough for them to receive their commission. Not so with C-Suite Assistants! I felt like I was in the hands of a highly skilled employment matchmaker who possessed an almost preternatural ability to understand my needs and pair them with the exact right employer. After a surprisingly pleasant job search (when was the last time you heard someone say that?) Gerry found me an amazing position that met if not surpassed my hopes and expectations. Throughout the entire process, she was prompt and kind with her feedback, helpfully advising me and offering support in what can so often be a daunting and anxiety producing endeavor.”

“In short, I’d say the only downside to receiving a job offer with Gerry at the helm is the fact that we will no longer be working together! I give her and C-Suite Assistants my highest recommendation”.

C.D., Personal Assistant to the Wife of the CEO of a Private Equity Firm
“I am thrilled to write a review for C-Suite Assistants. My recruiter, Gerry was one of the most informed, professional and understanding individuals in the business. She was compassionate and was there for guidance whenever I reached out. Linda also in the office was excellent at following up and they were both instrumental in securing me a perfect position in a short amount of time. I highly recommend C-Suite Assistants to anyone seeking their next new position. You will not be disappointed with this superb company”.

Using a Personal Assistant Staffing Agency Means More Time for You

Depending on the unique personal life of every Executive, the demands of the role vary. The Personal Assistant can be in charge of planning all family vacations, filling out college applications, medical insurance management, managing staff, and budgets for multiple residences.

Just think about all the time you’ll get back after C-Suite Assistants recruits the perfect assistant for you and your family. Whether you need more time for work, or simply want more time to take a break and relax, give us a call to get started. Our personal assistant recruitment might free up so much time for you that you don’t even know what to do with yourself!

How do you find the right assistant for you and your family – someone you can trust with the business of running your personal life? You need a reputable, experienced personal assistant recruitment agency, with a solid reputation for being the best in personal assistant recruitment. The answer is C-Suite Assistants: successfully serving our clients for over 15 years as the premier personal assistant placement agency. If you are considering hiring a Personal Assistant, and you would like more information about our services, call us at: 646-214-7475 or contact us here.

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