Office Management Jobs in NYC

As part of our recruitment expertise in C-Level professionals, our client companies rely on us to staff office manager positions in NYC and our other locations. The role of office manager is unique to every business, depending on the size of the company and the industry. But based on our experience filling office manager jobs in NYC, especially for hedge funds, start-ups and small growing technology businesses, we know the role requires a very flexible and multi-talented individual.

What We Look for When Recruiting for Office Manager Jobs in NYC

In addition to prior office management experience, a good background for an office manager is experience as an administrative assistant at a small company where as part of their job they took on some office management responsibilities. Someone with heavy event planning experience or from the hospitality industry also may have the right experience because they are accustomed to juggling many functions and priorities and have proven themselves to have the necessary agility. Office managers become embedded in the organization and are trusted employees who are essential to senior management for making “the trains run on time.”

Essential Qualities Needed for Office Manager Positions in NYC

Maturity and the ability to make decisions and work independently are essential qualities of a good office manager. They must also be available 24/7 and be flexible to deal with any type of situation. In one day, the office manager may be down on her knees underneath a desk, troubleshooting an internet failure; and then host an international client visit in the conference room. The next day the morning may begin by pitching in to cover the phones for the receptionist out on jury duty and then meeting with an interior design firm to select new furniture for the office. The job takes tremendous resourcefulness, mental agility and interpersonal skills.

The Responsibilities of Office Managers in NYC may include:

Office Manager Position Requirements for Smaller Offices in NYC

In small offices, the job is often a hybrid role combined with other non-office management responsibilities. One of our clients, a small NYC satellite office of a European asset management firm, needed an Office Manager to run the facility and also perform Investor Relations functions such as putting together pitch books and other marketing materials and manage CRM systems for Sales/Relationship Managers. The successful candidate had several years of Executive Assistant experience working for an asset management firm and at that firm had been promoted to an investor relations role. When she was introduced to our client, she was well along in her career and returning to the work force after raising a family. She had the maturity and poise to deal with sophisticated institutional investors, liaise with the London office and hold the fort, and work alone in the office when the Sales team was traveling.

Office Manager Positions in NYC & Common Career Paths

The office manager often reports to the CEO, the CFO or the COO. The career path is often from a smaller firm to a larger firm, or to be promoted to Chief Administrative Officer. Talented office managers also are often given the opportunity to move into a functional area which suits their interest and talents—areas such as investor relations, finance or compliance.

What Our Clients Look for When Hiring an Office Manager:

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