Hybrid Executive/Personal Assistant Staffing

If you find yourself in need of an executive assistant as well as a personal assistant, the hybrid Executive/Personal Assistant role may be the perfect solution. At C-Suite Assistants, we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for this trending role. Working closely with our clients we assess their needs to determine if this hybrid approach is the right strategy. We have a large network of highly skilled professionals who can take on this multifaceted role, to provide you with invaluable support to keep both your professional and personal life running smoothly. 

Why Choose C-Suite Assistants to Help You Hire a Hybrid Executive/Personal Assistant?

With deep knowledge and experience finding the best executive/personal assistants (EA/PAs) for our clients, we know the skills you’re looking for. Our candidates are self-motivated and can nimbly work in your office, your home environment, or both. They have a polished and professional demeanor and are positive, energetic and discreet. Their strong technical skills include Microsoft Office Suite, and they’re always internet savvy. We are adept at matching the right EA/PA with the right client, as we understand the importance of a strong personal relationship and personality is key.

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Proven Success in Staffing Hybrid Executive/Personal Assistant to CEOs and Other Professionals Nationwide

C-Suite Assistants has expertise and an excellent track record in recruitment for this unique “blended” role. Our Directors know the market, have developed a network of candidates with EA/PA experience and have successfully placed many hybrid executive assistants with our clients in New York, Los Angeles, the Washington, D.C. area and Florida.

Two examples of our Executive Assistant/PA Assistant placements are:  

  • A California-based EA/PA who divides her time between an office located in Marina del Rey and a home in Palisades.
  • A hybrid executive personal assistant who works full time in Naples, Florida, where the CEO spends six months of the year. The rest of the time the CEO is in Rochester, New York, so the EA/PA supports him remotely from Florida.

An important part of our placements is chemistry fit. We strive to find good matches based on common interests, such as sailing, golfing, or shared philanthropic causes—and on shared industry experience in business. We believe that this contributes to a good pairing for a successful working relationship.

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The Role of Executive/Personal Assistant – Frequently Asked Questions

Since the EA/PA role is fairly new and still evolving, you may have questions about it. Here are some of the most common questions we hear from our clients.

What are the responsibilities of an Executive/Personal Assistant?

If you think of the tasks of an executive assistant and those of a personal assistant, the EA/PA role combines these two, as someone who can manage both your professional and personal life. 

A hybrid executive assistant’s responsibilities may include:

  • Maintaining and coordinating business and private calendars
  • Scheduling both business and personal appointments
  • Organizing business travel as well as family visits and vacations (booking flights, hotels and ground transportation)
  • Managing email and written correspondence
  • Running errands
  • Making dinner reservations
  • Buying gifts and holiday cards; keeping track of birthdays for family, friends and associates
  • Scheduling meetings and taking meeting notes
  • Hiring and managing household staff and contractors
  • Planning large events
  • Creating expense reports
  • Maintaining homes and vehicles
  • Managing committee duties and philanthropic interests
  • Providing the principal with progress updates

This is just a small sampling of what the blended executive/personal assistant may be involved with.

Don’t all these tasks fall under the responsibilities of an Executive Assistant?

While it is true that many executive assistants at the C-Suite level will occasionally be asked to handle personal errands for a busy CEO (such as sending holiday cards, buying gifts, or making doctors’ appointments). Their primary focus, however, is on tasks associated with the principal’s business affairs, such as scheduling meetings, managing business correspondence and booking business travel.

Can a blended EA/PA be “on call” all the time?

Although the blended EA/PA position can have a somewhat flexible schedule, the demands on their time often exceeds a 9-5 work week. Typically, the person will have a defined schedule, but they must be flexible when circumstances change, and be able to respond to the situation.  They are often based in different locations and time zones, especially if you conduct business across the U.S. or around the world. 

Is an EA/PA Paid the Same as a Dedicated EA or PA?

Because a hybrid executive assistant and personal assistant has far more responsibilities than either of these separate roles, they often command a higher salary.

Is it Easy to Find a Qualified EA/PA?

While you may be able to find an EA/PA who is qualified “on paper,” it’s quite a different thing to hire someone who you can develop a close working relationship with. You must be able to trust the person with intimate and confidential aspects of your life, and you’ll be working closely with them, ideally over a long period of time. Therefore, the challenge is to find just the right person to fit your personality and lifestyle.

Can’t I Just Hire a Personal/Executive Assistant Myself?

While it is possible to hire for this position on your own, C-Suite Assistants conducts a rigorous vetting process to ensure our candidates have all the professional skills and personality to excel in this role. We also take the time to perfectly match our clients with the right EA/PA to fit their needs, their personality and their lifestyle. This can be a time-consuming process—but it’s one that pays off! 

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