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Staffing an Executive Assistant to the CTO

Through our strong understanding of the Chief Technology Officer role and the increasingly complex responsibilities of the CTO, we will be able to assess the needs of your office and find the best candidates to meet your needs when searching for administrative support staff.

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Why Use Executive Assistant to the CTO Staffing Services?

With the wide range of responsibilities and tasks the CTO must take care of, companies often seek out executive assistants to these executives. It is important to use a agency that really understands what it takes to make a good assistant to the CTO.

What We Look for in Candidates when Recruiting an Executive Assistant to the CTO

The Executive Assistant (EA) to the CTO typically has prior experience supporting C-level executives, and often has worked in an administrative capacity within the same organization with increasing levels of responsibility before being promoted. Since they often come up from other departments, these assistants typically know how to navigate themselves within the company, and know the role technology plays there along with the systems in use. The EA to the CTO is a prominent C-level EA role, with frequent interaction with the CEO office. It is not unusual for a successful EA to the CTO to eventually be promoted to EA to the CEO. This person must be college-educated, not necessarily with a major focused on technology, but must have attained some level of higher education and should have an interest in technology.

What Happens When There’s No Internal Candidate for an EA to the CTO?

Occasionally a situation arises where there is no internal candidate qualified for promotion to the EA to the CTO/CIO. When this happens, C-Suite Assistants is often called in to search for an external candidate. Based on our experience, there are a variety of things we look for in candidates.

Ideal EA to CTO Candidate Qualities:

Who Is the CTO?

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a company is a senior executive who is focused on scientific and technological issues within an organization, with responsibility for the information technology and computer systems that support the goals of the business. Depending on the structure of the company, the CTO may report to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), who also usually has a high level of technical expertise, but is more concerned with strategy and general company issues. The CTO specifically takes on the daily task of running a company’s technical operations.

What’s the Role of the CTO?

In some companies, the roles are blurred, but traditionally the CTO is focused on technology itself, while the CIO is charged with mapping out a company’s IT policies and strategies. The CTO generally oversees the development of new technologies, being focused on opportunities to commercialize any technology that may be necessary to deliver products and services to clients. Therefore, the CTO is often involved with developing “intellectual property” strategies and proprietary technologies.

Many large companies have both roles, but at some companies the CTO/CIO roles are combined, and in this case the individual would report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), or the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), or the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Without a doubt, the CTO role has become more prominent as information technology and cyber security have become critical factors in running a successful business.

General Responsibilities of the CTO May Include:

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