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In the modern marketplace, new technologies continuously overturn the ways in which conduct business. Importantly, remote work jobs have grown increasingly popular over the past decade. Online tools like virtual meeting spaces and customer relationship management (CRM) software have come to define much of the business world. Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work is no longer a luxury – it has become a necessity. All things considered, savvy executive teams are increasingly looking to virtual assistants to handle many of their administrative tasks. As technology continues to gain importance in the business world, administrative jobs require a whole new set of skills than seen before. Traditionally, administrators worked to answer phones, organize meetings, and keep the office running. Today, these employees need to know far more about computers and software.

Why Work with a Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency?

Before the rise of the internet, executive assistant jobs were quite similar across the board. Within these roles, nearly all administrators could count on needing skills with organization, communication, and sociability. Yet, the broad-based skillsets required for administrative work have begun to narrow with computer technology. In today’s business world, every company utilizes a unique mix of software and hardware to accomplish daily tasks. Your assistant must be fluid in your company’s choice of technologies to accomplish their job. Hiring the right virtual admin can be challenging due to the technical nature of the digital landscape. Luckily, computer knowledge can be boiled down to specific “hard-skills” that recruiters can utilize in our search processes. Virtual assistant staffing agencies can be extremely helpful in locating candidates because we are experienced in using strict criteria, such as computer skills, to locate top talent. These criteria help us seamlessly search 1000’s of resumes in short time to find the perfect fit.

Why Choose C-Suite?  

Because we have been in business for nearly 20 years, C-Suite has an extensive database of over 5,000 qualified assistants. Using this database, we can locate specific skillsets that correlate with the exact needs of your executive assistant position. Using this system, we circumvent much of the hiring process and fill job orders in a matter of weeks.

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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant? 

Even before the pandemic, virtual assistants were gaining popularity in the business world. Through technology, business owners realized they could get their admin duties handled quickly without having to dedicate office space to assistants. In the end, this system saves on time and operational costs. In working with a virtual assistant, you can find the best talent available that is not limited by geographical constraints. Similarly, many of the best administrators today exclusively work online – and they have the bargaining power to do so. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to radically reassess the ways in which we do business. As telecommuting has become the new norm, many executive teams are circumventing confusing “temporary remote” roles and going for 100% remote. This practice just makes sense in today’s uncertain times.

What Tasks Can a Virtual Assistant Do?

Virtual assistants can handle all the tasks of normal assistants – aside from obvious in-person jobs like getting lunch for supervisors. Beyond normal duties, virtual assistants are often far more computer savvy than traditional administrators. Depending on your business needs, virtual assistants handle a variety of full time and part time roles. To illustrate, businesses use them to answer emails, update shared calendars, pay contractors, and organize virtual meetings. Other companies will put virtual assistants in charge of overseeing their social media accounts and bookkeeping software. Finally, some business owners utilize admins for project management purposes.

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With extensive experience matching companies and executives with highly skilled virtual assistants, C-Suite Assistants can help you with these challenges. Check out some of our recent success stories to see how our nationwide talent pool can be a catalyst to your success:

Bi-Lingual Virtual Executive Assistant to President of the Americas, International Sports Team, New York, NY- Remote Hire

In the midst of the pandemic, the President of the Americas of a premier, global sports organization needed to find a bilingual or trilingual (English, Spanish, German) Executive Assistant to support him. Although based in NYC the position would be virtual for the foreseeable future.  The entire interview process was conducted via video interviews with the President and his Head of Marketing during the Covid-19 stay at home order, and the two finalist candidates were invited for a Zoom “coffee chat” designed to simulate “taking them out for coffee”. The President was in Miami at the time and wore shorts! The virtual coffee with the successful candidate lasted 1.5 hours and sealed the deal. The winning candidate was bilingual, an avid sports fan of this particular team (actually owned a jersey with the team logo), and had several years of experience at hedge funds and investment firms. This is her “dream job!” Sometime soon they will meet in person. (V-20-23)

Virtual Executive Assistant to Founder/CEO, International Design Firm, New York, NY- Remote Hire

A very high- end design firm that works with the top architects throughout the world was looking for an Executive Assistant to the Founder and CEO.  The Founder had a very frenetic schedule and also traveled overseas on a regular basis so this person needed to be a great project manager to spearhead and follow-up on all outstanding client initiatives.  It was also paramount that the candidate be the right cultural fit with a “hip”, “chic” office environment.  C-Suite Assistants found a great candidate who was hired during the Covid 19 pandemic and will start remotely. Prior, she worked with a well-known music industry graphic design firm for over 10 years and has a BA in culture and media. (V-20-20)

Virtual Executive Assistant to Founder/Software Technology Firm, Tampa, FL- Remote Hire

A Tampa based Founder of a software consulting firm who is also a real estate entrepreneur asked C-Suite Assistants to find a “right hand” to help him grow both businesses.  The person needed to live in Tampa, but would be working remotely most of the time, meeting the principal at his home office three afternoons per week.   During the pandemic, C-Suite Assistants found the perfect candidate to help the principal grow his business. The successful candidate had experience working at another small software firm as an EA as well as experience in sales/business development. The interview process started after social distancing measures went into effect, so all interviews were conducted virtually via video conferencing. The offer was extended and accepted without ever meeting the candidate in person and she will be starting in a completely remote capacity. (V-21-20)

Virtual Administrative Assistant to Head of Human Resources and CEO, Palo Alto, CA

A rapidly growing start-up technology company incorporated in Nevada but with headquarters in Palo Alto, CA recently hired a Virtual Administrative Assistant from C-Suite Assistants to support the Director of Human Resources and Executive Assistant to the CEO who were both working with executives in a variety of locations and time zones. Although the position was virtual, they required that the assistant lived in the Las Vegas area so as to be able to easily help with events and conferences when required. C-Suite Assistants found an excellent candidate in Las Vegas with extensive experience as an Executive Assistant and Client Service Manager. She had the required expertise with CRM systems, Project Management, and Technology – skills that enabled her to work easily and productively in a virtual capacity. (V-19-29)

Executive Assistant to Chairman/CEO, Biopharmaceutical Investment Firm, Chicago, IL- Remote Hire

A Chairman/CEO of a biopharmaceutical investment firm who is an influential leader in healthcare required an Executive Assistant. In addition to running the firm, he is also involved in multiple philanthropies so there were high expectations and demands for his new Executive Assistant. Because the Chairman has a hedge fund background we knew that candidates from the financial sector would be a strong fit with the culture and understand the high standards and work ethic required.  We placed an assistant who had worked at a large global investment firm for 13 years as a Senior Associate supporting the Managing Partners. The candidate began the interview process by meeting with Human Resources and other administrative assistants in the office. Then, due to Covid-19, all of the final round interviews with the CFO and the CEO were by Skype only. They have never met her in person and she will start in a few weeks, hopefully at the office, but otherwise remotely. All of the onboarding has been on-line. (V-20-22)

Virtual Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer of a Start-Up Foundation, San Francisco, CA- Remote Hire

A relatively new foundation, dedicated to scientific and technological advancement for the public good, required a Virtual Assistant to support their CEO. The entire staff works remotely and they use Slack to communicate in real-time. The entire interview process was done virtually and the candidate was hired without meeting in person. They required a super organized and self-directed individual who could thrive in a fast-paced environment with a start-up culture. This individual needed to interact internally with the small remote team and engage with constituents in a professional manner. The successful candidate had previously supported the CEO of a successful start-up and had excellent communication skills and also had prior experience working remotely. She was also available to travel with the CEO internationally when required. (V-19-31)

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