Hybrid Executive Assistant to CEO & CFO at Real Estate/Private Equity Firm

A successful, rapidly growing Real Estate/Private Equity firm needed an Executive Assistant to support the CEO and the CFO. The firm has an office in Atlanta with 25 employees and also has an office in Dallas. The role was in the office Monday to Thursday and remote on Fridays. The role is 60% supporting the CEO and 40% supporting the CFO and 70% business and 30% personal tasks. The execs were managing on their own and the firm had expanded and they realized they needed support. We placed an Executive Assistant who was working at a commercial real estate development firm in Atlanta supporting the Managing Director and whose previous experience was at a global commercial real estate firm. The candidate had a degree in English Literature and a wide range of technical skills. Upon hire, they were so impressed with the candidate that they gave her a Chief of Staff title.


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