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No matter where you’re contacting us from, our staffing agency can help you find the perfect executive assistant. We’ve provided top-tier executive and personal assistants to companies and executives from New York to Los Angeles and from Hartford to Houston. Our team tailors each search experience to your unique needs. We get to know your business and your company culture so we can deliver exactly what you’re looking for. We meet each candidate before you ever speak to them to respect your time.

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The skills executive assistants need to succeed are often not obvious on a resume. Successful assistants must be adaptable, tech-savvy, intelligent self-starters. C-Suite specializes in identifying great assistants and matching you to the best candidate for your unique needs. We are dedicated to top-tier executives and helping you find the perfect candidate to excel your business.

Custom-Tailored, Specialized Service
Unlike other recruiting agencies, our recruiters are specialists and focus exclusively on administrative support searches for C-level executives. They are the only people who identify and work with your candidates all the way through the search process. We don’t use cookie-cutter methods or outsource any part of the search.
Extensive and Exclusive Candidate Network
Our exclusive network of pre-vetted professionals includes passive candidates who are not actively looking for employment but may be open to new opportunities. Many of these individuals are already working in your industry or are part of over 70,000 C-Suite Assistant Linkedin followers. Our database and network give us unparalleled market reach for talent to provide you an expansive and detailed search.
Organizational Needs Evaluation
In our recruiting discovery phase, we learn about your business and listen to your needs and requirements. An organizational needs analysis identifies gaps with your current executive administrative support structure, so we can match this to the perfect executive assistant.
Search Requirements Evaluation
To ensure that we find the best match, we review your executive assistant staffing search requirements. This includes technical competencies, background and experience, communication skills, organizational skills, and other strengths like problem-solving, attention to detail, time management, and multitasking.
Benchmarked Salary Recommendations
Our deep experience in recruiting executive assistants makes us uniquely qualified to make salary recommendations. Setting the right pay range ahead of the hiring process will attract top talent and make your company highly competitive.
Creation of Custom Job Descriptions
Leveraging twenty years of staffing experience with highly experience recruiters specializing in EA/PA recruitment, we craft highly detailed job descriptions that capture the essence of your open position. In this way, you’ll attract highly skilled candidates who are the perfect match for the job and your company culture.
Thorough Pre-Screening Process
Before our face-to-face interviews, we take the time to rigorously pre-screen all candidates. We cast a wide net to narrow down candidates with the right work experience, qualifications, and personal strengths. Our groundwork saves our clients an enormous amount of time while ensuring that they have looked at a wide and diverse talent pool.
Live Interviews With Our Team
After the pre-screening, the best candidates are invited for video or face to face interviews with our expert recruiters . Live interviews provide additional information about their background and interests, what motivates them, their personal and professional goals, and their salary expectations.
Crafting the Offer
Once the ideal candidate is selected, our specialized recruiter will assist with crafting the offer to ensure an acceptance. Advice is provided on the best salary and package to ensure acceptance and our recruiter can serve as an intermediary and provide feedback to both client and candidate where needed

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Through our extensive nationwide network, we ensure we will find a great fit for your position and your company.

Why Hire a Recruiting Agency?

A great executive assistant is critical to your business and your personal success. You want to access a large pool of pre-vetted talent to find the perfect fit for you, while outsourcing the legwork.

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Lisa Crowell at C-Suite Assistants provided an exceptional experience from start to finish. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to finding the perfect role for me were unparalleled. Thanks to her efforts, I was successfully placed in my current position at Dakota Matting, where I am thriving. I highly recommend Lisa and C-Suite Assistants to anyone seeking top-notch staffing services!
C-Suite was a huge help for me in my EA search and Gerry made the process efficient and effective! I highly recommend their firm and will use them again in the future.
Easily one of the best agencies in the EA recruiting and placement industry! Gerry and Linda are true pros!
Linda was super flexible, patient, attentive and overall really great help throughout the entire process and helped me land a job that seems like the best fit!
Working with Gerry Sheridan at C Suite Assistants was a flawless process. Gerry is incredibly seasoned & knowledgable and she made filling this role a piece of cake. She quickly supplied us with high quality candidates and we filled the role in less than a month with someone we believe will be a perfect fit. She understood our unique culture & she really understands the nuances of hiring for this type of role. It was our first time using a recruiting agency & her expertise and experience added a ton of value. Can't recommend Gerry & C Suite enough!! Thank you Gerry!
I had the pleasure of working with Gerry Sheridan and Christine LaBaw in my current search for a new position. They both know the value of what a seasoned executive/personal assistant can bring to their clients. They put my resume forward for a position that aligned both with my requirements and their client's requirements with a positive outcome. I write this review with gratitude.
I had the pleasure of working with Gerry Sheridan who went above and beyond to help me secure a fantastic job. Her professionalism, dedication, and expertise left me truly impressed, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. It is with great pleasure that I write this glowing five-star review to acknowledge her outstanding service.From the very beginning, Gerry displayed a deep understanding of my skills and experience. Working with her made the entire recruitment process feel more like a collaborative effort.Thanks to Gerry I successfully secured a job that aligns perfectly with my career aspirations. I am immensely grateful for the her invaluable contribution to my professional growth. Her expertise, commitment, and personalized approach truly made a significant difference in my job search journey.
This job market has all kinds of twists and turns, but having Gerry on your side and marketing you to the right people is where you can differentiate yourself and get ahead of the curve. Gerry has been a true gem and very supportive throughout my job search and I’m eternally grateful.
Our organization rarely turns to a recruiting service but time constraints were preventing us from tapping into high quality job seekers, so I turned to the experts. Linda and her team a C-Suite assistant helped us fill a very high profile Executive Assistant role with a wonderful candidate who is just the right fit for our organization and our executives. I highly recommend both employers and highly skilled and professional candidates to utilize C-Suite Assistants for long term placements of top talent.
Gerry was top notch to work with from start to finish in providing helpful guidance and support.
Linda and her team did an excellent job finding the right EA candidate for our growing company. She and her team take time to listen to our needs and execute quickly.
The moment I began working with Jacquie and Gerry at C-Suite Assistants, my career search took off!Attempting to navigate the job market on your own is like driving cross country without a map. There are too many companies to research and no way to know who would be the best fit for a mutually beneficial experience. C-Suite Assistants have already created strong relationships with their clients and know how to find the most likely connection. When you become a candidate, they do more than make the introduction, they are there to guide you in best practice, and highlight the strengths you already have that will be of need to a specific role. From setting up an interview and following up afterwards, even coaching in salary negotiations, C-Suite is your personal agent, coach and cheerleader.Landing your perfect job is paramount to enjoying the rest of your life. Don’t think you can do this alone and don’t trust anyone that knows little more than you. C-Suite Assistants set me on the perfect career path and changed my life in less than a month. I could not be more grateful or recommend enough.DanielleEA to CEO – Success Story in the Making
We engaged with Gerry and C-Suite to find a EA for our North America group. Gerry did not disappoint. The candidates were strong and the level of detail that Gerry provided, was highly suitable. We would recommend C-Suite.
Linda was awesome to work with. Very honest and direct. She had a great sense of the market and what was out there. She really listened to what I was seeking and searching. From our conversations she found me a great job with a great company. The whole process was very smooth from start to finish.For any EA who is looking for their next move I would recommend speaking with Linda.
Working with C-Suite Assistants was an amazing experience. Lisa provided the support and guidance needed to find a position perfectly aligned with my objectives. She was professional, organized, and efficient. Thank you, Lisa and C-Suite!
GERRY WAS ABOLUTELY AMAZING! Greatly appreciated her help and support throughout the entire process; from onboarding at C-Suite to finding a job, and through close of an offer-sheet.
Had a great experience with C-Suite Assistants. Gerry was prompt, helpful, and really listened to what our needs were. The role was filled quickly and we are very pleased!
C-suite provided excellent support and great candidates for our Executive Assistant to the CEO search.
Working with C-Suite Assistants was a smooth, efficient experience. By focusing on key areas of my resume and asking the right questions, Gerry was able to quickly gain an understanding of what wasn’t working for me in my previous job and identify a position that would be more in line with my skill set, experience, and interests. Throughout the interview process with my current employer, she provided encouragement and regular updates in a timely manner. I credit her for landing me in a great work environment. I highly recommend Gerry and the C-Suite team!
Gerry was phenomenal in quickly assessing the right profile to compliment our executive. During our introductory call it was evident she did her homework on both our company and our executive. We are very pleased with the responsiveness, depth and detail of every interaction. If you need a C-Suite Assistant - Gerry and her team are your resource.
Gerry was sending me opportunities all the time as I wanted to relocate. Nothing but the best! I will refer all of my friends looking for positions to work with her.
It was a real pleasure working with Gerry. Super professional and understood exactly what I was looking for. Just perfect.
Excellent partnership to bring our EA search to a great close.
I can't recommend C-Suite Assistants/Coleman & Company enough. Linda showed such positivity and commitment during the interviewing process. Not only was she professional, but sincere and straightforward. Overall, an excellent experience!
I cannot recommend C-Suite Assistants/Coleman & Company enough! Linda was transparent, efficient and overall outstanding to work with. I have worked with a lot of great recruiters but she truly went above and beyond for me. I can honestly say she is the best recruiter I have ever had the chance to work with. She is professional, quick to respond and offers words of encouragement before each interview round.Thank you, Linda and C-Suite!
Amazing service! C-Suite Assistants made my look for my right hand person as easy and rewarding as possible and I can recommend them for anyone else looking to increase their productivity with an EA/PA.
Gerry was so good to me and helped me feel confident in each interview.
My experience working with Linda was excellent. She helped place me with her client, while providing me with excellent transparency, guidance, and access throughout the process. I have worked with a lot of recruiters and can confidently say that Linda, and C-Suite Assistants, are top notch, especially in this age of depersonalization and ghosting.
I had a wonderful experience with C-Suite Assistants, particularly with Gerry Sheridan. She was a great advocate for me and found a job for me in no time! I would work with C-Suite Assistants again!
I highly recommend working with C-Suite Assistants. Gerry was just a delight to work with! She was professional, genuine and extremely talented at placing me at the right place. Most of all, she made the process less stressful.Gerry takes her time to understand what you are seeking and makes sure the fit is the right one. She deeply cares. Anyone who gets to work with her is one lucky person!
Working with C-Suite Assistants has been phenomenal. Gerry made certain that my time was never wasted. They come very highly recommended in my book.
I worked with Linda to find a very specific EA that was multilingual. I had been doing a self search for quite some time. Once Linda and her team got involved, we found a fantastic candidate very quickly. They were a joy to work with and the speed at which they found a candidate for such a specific fit was fantastic. I would highly recommend C-Suite Assistants.
Linda Banta was very professional and thorough in finding the right placement for me.
I was laid off back in April (due to the pandemic) and applied left and right to several EA/OM positions since, while working with several other recruiters who mentioned how incredibly slow the industry was due to all the hiring freezes.Then applied to a role listed from C-Suites recently in early August and immediately got a call from Gerry Sheridan and immediately she connected me to two amazing firms. Within two weeks and three sets of interviews, I was able to land a role in exactly the position that I was searching for. Thanks to Gerry's efficiency, guidance, and connections, I'm excited to begin again at another work family.
I lost my job during COVID and was applying for tons of opportunities without much luck.I applied to a position posted by Linda on LinkedIn and immediately received a call. Through the whole process she was pleasant, understanding, and encouraging.I did end up receiving an offer and accepting the position.I have worked with many staffing agencies and I can honestly say this was one of the most friendly and professional experiences I have ever had. Thank you Linda.
I applied for an administrative/personal assistant position, a position I have never envisioned myself having after graduation. But, Gerry Sheridan was an amazing recruiter and ally who helped me throughout the entire process. During this trying time with the pandemic, I have applied to as many places as I can. But with the hiring freezes, not many companies have followed up. After I submitted my resume, Gerry has been extremely responsive and supportive in each step of the recruitment process. Even though I was unfamiliar with the role of a administrative/personal assistant, Gerry was very responsive and willing to answer any question I had for her and the executive team. She made sure that I had all the information I needed to make an important decision. Gerry and C-Suite Assistants are the real deal! I am truly thankful to have Gerry with me in this next chapter of my life after college.
Very efficient and knowledgeable. Interpreted our needs and found great candidates. Definitely recommend C-Suite!
Working with Gerry at C-Suites. Amazing! Extremely experienced, incredibly professional and absolutely helpful in identifying the right candidate, especially for a company with international roots. Always approachable, especially during one of the most difficult times we've ever seen and would always recommend C-Suites. Thanks again
I worked on a job search with Gerry from C-Suite for over a year after our initial meeting. She kept me in the loop for some amazing positions and let me choose which ones I wanted to pursue. She helped me land an amazing job recently and I could not be happier. She knows her stuff, is very empathetic to EAs and the challenges they can face and does her diligence in matching her clients with candidates. Massive effort is made to make sure that it's a fit on both sides.I am grateful for her personable, professional and very dedicated attention to my job search. I highly recommend Gerry and C-Suite and will refer friends to her going forward.
Great experience working with C-Suite Assistants!
Great communication and really made sure it was the right fit for not only me but the employer. Jennifer was really professional and supportive!
Gerry was a delight to work with. She's efficient and professional but her main strength, in my opinion, is gleaning your personality and background in the initial meeting and then finding just the right executive to partner with. It's always stressful finding a job while still in a role, so saving everyone time and effort is a priority and she understands this. This personal attention helped place me in a job incredibly fast.
Working with Linda (and C-Suite Associates) was one of the very best experiences of my professional life. During what can be an emotional journey looking for the perfect career fit as well as finding people that you like working with (and are hopefully in tune with and are inspired by), I felt that I always had an ally with Linda.From the first time we met, it was apparent that she was interested in me and listened to what I had to say concerning the specific work I was seeking. She is honest and straightforward, and I knew that she would tell me the truth about what I asked her along the way. Incredibly, she hooked me up with my dream job. The interview process, though, was long, and there were points during which I got quite anxious. I realized how fortunate I was to have Linda on my side when she listened to my fears and provided calm strength and support (something that never would have been possible with anin-house corporate recruiter).When she delivered my job offer call, I felt the victory belonged to both of us, as it was indeed a team effort. It was an absolute pleasure working with Linda Banta and C-Suite.
C-Suites is by far the best executive search agency I have worked with as a professional in New York City. Gerry and Linda are fast, efficient, to the point...accurate interview prep and feedback - so easy to work with! I now have a great job in NYC/Miami, Fl. C-Suite Associates has a lot of connections and experience in many corporate markets across the U.S. and will find the best job for you! Would recommend them 100%. Thank you for all you have done for me!
When I first met Gerry, I had a gut feeling she would truly be able to help me with my job search. She immediately saw my potential and knew I'd be a fantastic addition wherever I landed. She did a great job prepping me for interviews and was supportive throughout the entire job search process. She and her colleague Linda placed me in a role I'm going to start in a couple weeks! I would definitely recommend C-Suite for your job search.
C-Suite Assistants is a rarity in the world of administrative recruiting. Gerry Sheridan and Linda White-Banta, the recruiters with whom I worked during my search, were brilliant. They listened closely, they presented opportunities that were in line with what I was envisioning, they cheered me on, they had my back, we pondered, we hashed things out, and, fairly quickly, I landed my dream job. So, if you are looking for a highly skilled and dedicated group of professionals who possess an uncanny ability to match top-tier candidates with top-tier clients, C-Suite Assistants is the firm. It is absolutely first-rate.