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Ever Thought About Hiring an Administrative Assistant?

There are a lot of potential benefits that can come from hiring an administrative assistant. Let’s take a look at what an administrative assistant really is and the scope of support one assistant can provide. An Administrative Assistant is more junior than an Executive Assistant, perhaps with 2-5 years of experience; more often holds a bachelor degree; and typically supports a team of people within a business. An administrative assistant provides whatever support is required to make the group more productive and has a a wide range of responsibilities.

Our Administrative Assistant Employment Agency Understands Your Hiring Needs

Here at C-Suite Assistants, we recruit only the top candidates who are truly qualified. Think you might benefit from hiring an administrative assistant? Check out some of their specific responsibilities below to see how your team could become more productive with the right administrative support:

  • Prepare and finalize PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets as directed
  • Answer telephones and communicate appropriate information to callers trying to contact a member of the team who may be unavailable or out of the office
  • Coordinate scheduling of meetings/conference calls and arrange location/call details
  • Manage domestic travel arrangement, including transportation, reserving accommodations, preparing detailed itineraries, and coordinating materials
  • Complete and submit expense reports accurately and in a timely fashion
  • Handle FedEx mailings as requested
  • Create copies, scanning and maintenance of electronic files
  • Order, track, and confirm receipt of messenger services and other mailings
  • Complete project work as needed
  • Print documents as requested
  • Assist with technology as needed

A good administrative assistant is the rock everyone depends on for all the administrative details involved in running a business: travel arrangements, calendar scheduling, project management, expense reports. They also act as the liaison for the team, internally and externally. The biggest advantage to having a good assistant is that it will allow the team to focus 100% of their time on more profitable pursuits.

What Our Administrative Assistant Staffing Agency Looks for in Candidates

The trend among our clients who hire our administrative assistants is to look for very tech savvy, recent college graduates with some prior administrative experience, whether it be during an internship or first year on the job in an administrative role. As an administrative assistant placement agency, we recruit college educated admins who are poised, intelligent, and have advanced technical proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and some prior administrative experience. Industry related internships, or relevant course of study is often required if not a definite plus. For instance, one of our non-for profit clients in the education field looks for admin candidates who have a true interest in academia or in working for a non-for- profit organization. Our financial services clients frequently require prior experience at a financial firm and/or candidates who are interested in working at a Wall Street firm. A great attitude and good communication skills are also very high on the list of requirements. As part of our process, we test all our candidates and also meet them in person or via Skype to evaluate their communication and presentation skills and determine if they are a fit with your business culture.

Why Use an Administrative Assistant Recruitment Agency?

Now that you recognize that hiring an administrative assistant is a good idea, you might ask yourself, do I use an administrative assistant staffing agency or do I try to save money and hire this administrative assistant on my own, without the help of an administrative assistant employment agency? You can go it on your own, but we guarantee you will waste a lot of time sorting through thousands of irrelevant resumes and never find the A+ candidates that are right for your business. The A+ administrative assistants are not easy to find. You might get lucky posting a job on a job board, but through our years of experience as an administrative placement agency, we have found the best candidates are sourced through our extensive professional networks and alumnae groups, or are referrals from other top candidates.

Time is your greatest resource. So, are we worth it? The answer is yes. Still not convinced? Check out our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us as an administrative assistant staffing agency.

If you are considering hiring an administrative assistant, let’s start a conversation. Our team of specialists is ready to help you find the best administrative talent to support your business. Call us at 646-214-7475 or email us at [email protected]

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