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The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is one of the largest and most important metropolitan areas in the country. When including workers commuting into D.C. from the surrounding Maryland and Virginia suburbs, the population surges to over a million people. As the capital of the USA, all branches of the federal government are centered in D.C. along with embassies, think tanks, non profit associations, major medical centers, and all of the businesses and institutions that support the running of the infrastructure of a country. All of these characteristics have led to C-Suite Assistants expanding as a staffing agency in Washington, D.C.

An Attractive Market for Staffing Agencies in D.C.

In the last two decades the economy of Washington, D.C. has changed from a single employer market of mostly government jobs, to a highly diversified employment market. Aside from the federal government and tourism, which is the second largest industry in DC, there are 176 foreign embassies; as well as the headquarters of many international agencies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, other major NGO’s; non-profits, lobbying firms, associations, and professional organizations such as law firms and consulting firms.

Recently, Washington, D.C. has developed one of the strongest performing economies in the USA. It’s home to more than 400 international organizations, over 1,000 international companies, and is a Top 10 Global Financial Center, ranked ahead of Boston and Chicago. Partly because of their proximity to the FBI, CIA, the defense industry, and other security agencies, the technology and cybersecurity industries in D.C. are also growing rapidly.

Economic Diversity Influences Employers & D.C. Staffing Agencies

The diversity of the city’s economy creates solid demand for experienced staffing agencies in D.C. to recruit administrative and executive assistants across a variety of industries. This demand requires D.C staffing agencies to have strong networking abilities in order to access a high-quality workforce.

C-Suite Assistants is in a unique position to access the pool of recent graduates of the many D.C. universities, thanks to our in-depth professional and personal networks. These graduates are in high demand; in some cases, they are qualified for entry level administrative roles because they’ve been employed in meaningful internships within the city while completing college. This creates a pool of talented young professional with the organizational and professional skills to work in administrative roles. Most often they have fallen in love with Washington, D.C. and are looking for employment and the beginning of a career that will allow them to remain in Washington.

As a top staffing agency in D.C., we can introduce you to this high-quality workforce through our many connections at the universities and other networks.

As a staffing agency in Washington, D.C., C-Suite Assistants can help you source the type of assistant you need, whether you’re a consulting firm, a real estate firm, a lobbying firm, a financial firm, an educational or research firm, or a technology firm.

Although personal assistants are less common in the D.C. metro area, there is still substantial demand. In fact, our first placement as a staffing agency in D.C. several years ago was a combination personal assistant/office manager for a start up Financial Advisory and Consulting firm headed by a former senior US Government official. The challenge was to help set up the Washington, D.C. office while assisting the executive in their move from their permanent home in New York.

Other Types of Roles We Staff in Washington, D.C.:

  • Executive Assistant, Real Estate Firms
  • Executive Assistant, Global Consulting Firms
  • Executive Assistant, Law Firm
  • Executive Assistant, Financial Restructuring Firms
  • Executive Assistant, Technology Firm
  • Personal Assistant, Private Equity Firm
  • Office Manager, Asset Management Firm
  • Chief of Staff, Consulting Firm
  • Marketing Assistant, Media Firm
  • Receptionist, Asset Management Firm

If you are looking to hire an Administrative or Executive Assistant, or any other type of administrative professional in Washington, and are considering using a D.C. staffing agency to help save time while accessing the widest possible talent pool, let us help you. Give C-Suite Assistants a call at 646-214-7475 or contact us.

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