Wordy Wednesdays are designed to assist assistants.  Check back each week for grammar lessons, clarifications of words or expressions, or just to brush up on what you already know!  

Intrical: You think it means a necessary or critical part of a whole.  It rolls off the tongue so much easier than “integral” does, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s wrong.  Stop using it!  Something that is necessary, essential or fundamental is an integral piece of the puzzle.  An executive assistant is an integral component of a smooth-running business.

Conversate: You think it means to speak with someone, exchange dialogue.  It means nothing.  What you mean to say is converse.

Irregardless: You think it means despite, but it really means nothing.  The prefix “ir-” means “not” or “lacking” while the suffix “-less” also means “without” or “lacking”.  So what you’re saying when you say, “irregardless” is, “not lacking regard.” In other words, with regard.  If it were a word, it would mean the exact opposite of what you’d be trying to say.


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