Are you considering adding an executive assistant to support a C-Suite executive for the first time? Have you been trying to hire an executive assistant and just haven’t found the right talent? Or, maybe you have hired for this role in the past and things didn’t work out as expected? 

Hiring an executive or personal assistant at the C-Suite level can be incredibly difficult if you are not a specialist in recruiting for executive or personal assistants. If you are ready to transform your executive assistant support team and streamline your recruitment process, discover the benefits of partnering with C-Suite Assistants. As a staffing agency dedicated exclusively to executive and personal assistants for high-level executives, our executive assistant staffing & recruitment agency is dedicated to finding the perfect match to elevate your organization’s success. In fact, there are some benefits to going with a staffing agency rather than the traditional recruitment process.

How Executive Assistant Roles Are Evolving

Recruiting takes time—a LOT of time—and in today’s rapidly changing world, it is even more complex. Before you begin a search for an executive assistant, personal assistant, or chief of staff, it’s important to understand some of the dynamics of today’s market. 

Increased Demand

The need for EAs is on the rise. Effective EAs are pivot points within virtually every organization—the glue that holds everything together. The demand for efficiency is at an all-time high, and as organizations grow and become more complex, skilled administrative professionals are needed now more than ever. Executive assistants benefit organizations by expertly managing all of the moving parts of a business.

Changing Requirements

The societal shift to remote or hybrid work has necessitated building an entirely new organizational structure for many businesses. This brings an abundance of digital communication, virtual meetings, and remote team coordination for a new way of collaborating. C-Suite Assistants can find you an EA who can provide crucial support using digital platforms and tools that seamlessly connect your organization across time zones to optimize operations. Complex travel arrangements, calendar management, and keeping up with technical innovations are only part of what an excellent executive assistant needs to do for you. 

Time-Consuming Recruitment

Until you have done it, it’s hard to imagine the amount of time hiring executive assistants can take. Yes, the internet can reach literally millions of applicants quickly, but sifting through resumes from a job posting on social media can take hours, and you can still end up with a pool of unqualified candidates. 

Trying to recruit through your network usually doesn’t work for executive assistant-type roles either. Most hiring managers don’t have a natural network of executive or personal assistant talent, and the same holds true for in-house recruiters. Starting with a small network slows down the time to hire considerably. After all, it takes time for a network to expand. It also limits the talent you see. Why not quickly cast a wide net?

The Benefits Of Partnering With An Executive Assistant Staffing Agency

Working with a specialized executive assistant staffing agency with a proven track record can eliminate the stress and guesswork of the talent search process. The right specialized staffing firm will provide a customized recruitment strategy to source candidates who meet the unique needs of your organization.

Access to Top Talent

C-Suite Assistants can take your search to the next level, giving you access to a vast network of candidates who are actively or passively seeking employment. Our exclusive focus on high-level administrative support gives us immediate reach to an executive assistant talent network to support your search. 

Our C-Suite Assistants LinkedIn page has over 65,000 followers, including executive assistants, personal assistants, chiefs of staff, and experienced office managers. Additionally, our proprietary database, built over twenty years, includes the profiles and resumes of over 12,000 executive assistants, personal assistants, and other high-level administrative support candidates from around the United States.

Custom Matches

Small talent pools are a hard reality for recruiters, and the specific needs of your organization may be extremely limiting. By expanding your search through C-Suite Assistants, you can be sure you are reaching a diverse set of administrative support talent to fit your custom needs. 

Experienced Recruiters

At C-Suite Assistants, our recruiters only recruit for high-level executive assistants and other administrative talent to support the C-Suite. They are equipped to advise you at all stages of the executive assistant hiring process. They completely understand the role as well as the talent and skills required to fill it. This specialized experience allows them to:

  • Never waste your time by flooding your inbox with the resumes of unqualified candidates
  • Represent your company and brand with integrity, professionalism, and discretion
  • Understand the specific nature of the role such as your company culture, reporting lines, and the work style of the executive(s)
  • Advise on the current market for your EA position and the skills and compensation required
  • Design a job description for the role to attract the best talent
  • Advise on an offer package to ensure that your offer is designed to close the deal

These are just a few of the ways that C-Suite Assistants will work with your organization to simplify the recruiting process.

Faster Placement

“Faster” in recruiting means two things:

  1. Reaching the exact talent you need faster
  2. Executing every subsequent step of the recruiting process faster

There are a few different ways that these two things can be accomplished. At C-Suite Executives, we do this by:

  • Creating job descriptions 
  • Reviewing resumes
  • Screening candidates,
  • Conducting extensive interviews
  • Curating slates of candidates
  • Scheduling interviews with selected candidates
  • Providing feedback from candidate interviews
  • Assisting in negotiation of offers
  • Checking references
  • Providing onboarding advice
  • Following up after candidate placement

Partnering with a specialized executive assistant staffing agency helps streamline every aspect of the entire recruitment cycle. 

Cost Efficient

Using a specialized staffing agency for your high-level administrative roles makes sense when you want to streamline the process for speed, efficiency, and a positive outcome while also reducing costs. There are many hidden costs in recruiting—some estimates suggest the recruitment process can cost an organization as much as three to four times that employee’s annual salary.

Because C-Suite Assistants is a contingency staffing agency, we only charge for our services when we find you the right candidate and you hire them. 

Ultimately, using the right agency is cost-efficient because they will:

  • Save you considerable time by widening your reach quickly
  • Take over many of the most time-consuming stages of the recruitment process
  • Minimize distractions for your internal staff 
  • Decrease the likelihood of a bad hire (nearly three in four employers suffer the impact of a “bad hire”)
  • Only charge for their services when a successful hire is made

This is why working with a staffing agency is crucial for specialized roles within an organization, especially if those roles are responsible for managing the time of high-level administration.

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