Last week, I kicked off this series with life, success and business lessons from Smash Mouth, Boyz II Men, and Mariah Carey.  Here are a few more tips from 90s hits.

You can read Part 1 here. 

“Can you pay my bills/Can you pay my telephone bills/Can you pay my automo-bills/If you did then maybe we could chill/I don’t think you do/So, you and me are through” –Destiny’s Child, Bills, Bills, Bills (1999)


Stop worrying so much about others, especially those who don’t sign your paycheck.  Your priority should be to make a good impression with your boss.  Lunch dates or invites to happy hours are great social networking opportunities, but they should remain secondary.  Work hard and improve your skill set for you, so that you can grow and move onto bigger opportunities.  Bring home the bacon?  You’re going to bring home the whole darn pig!

“Under skinned knees and the skid marks/Past the places
where you used to learn/You howl and listen/Listen and wait for the/Echoes of
angels who won’t return” –
Vertical Horizon, Everything
You Want

As adults, we tend to forget we’re still allowed to and completely capable of learning.  The whole
journey of getting older—and wiser—is one that is meant to educate you.  Just because we aren’t in school anymore
doesn’t mean we can’t make mistakes and grow and evolve as people,
professionals, parents, friends, children and spouses. 
Mistakes are rarely lethal; take responsibility, don’t let it happen
again, and let it go.  To err is human,
it is not a personal reflection of your character.  Today’s low is an opportunity to make
tomorrow better.  There’s nowhere to go
but up.

“Come on now, celebration/Let’s all celebrate and have a good
time/Celebration/We gonna celebrate and have a good time” –
Kool & The Gang, “Celebration” (1980)

(Okay, okay… so this one isn’t from the 90’s, but in my
defense, I didn’t hear it until the
90’s, so that’s kind of the same thing, right?) 
Celebrate all of your success, big or small, and share them with your
peers.  Surround yourself with people who
trust and support you and whom you trust and support.  Again, as I wrote in Part One, like attracts like.  Family and peers who positively reinforce successful behaviors cultivate the desire to be successful in the future.  Your successes hopefully influence
those around you to be successful as well, and when you celebrate achievements with them, you get bit by that same bug.  It’s the best vicious cycle you could ever be
a part of.

  Elle Hernandez is the Marketing Associate at C-Suite Assistants

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