For most of us a good day means a day without any problems or hiccups. Checking things off your list. Remembering to do what you were supposed to remember to do. Having your superiors like your ideas, and happy, positive interactions with coworkers and clients.

But from time to time we all will make a mistake.  Or have a problem with a client. These events, big or small, can seriously rattle your confidence, and sometimes cause you to panic and snowball through the day into bigger disasters.  It doesn’t matter if you are a C-Level Executive or a C-Level Executive Assistant, we all have those days. If you feel like you’re on a downward spiral, you may start adding to the problem by getting frantic, which will set you up to make bad decisions. Losing your confidence can ruin your entire day.

And I’m sure most of your co-workers are very nice, but in some offices, fear and lack of confidence is like blood to the circling sharks.

Here are three easy ways to come back from a setback, and regain your confidence.

Take a walk.  Think of your workspace as a relationship; sometimes, you just need some space. Go somewhere that will lift your mood. For some reason, I love to wander around Grand Central Station. It’s a beautiful place with lots to look at. I can buy a fancy chocolate and watch people rush to their trains. Don’t feel guilty about taking a little time out. On a nice day, a walk outside is great.  A study found that increased temperature had a positive effect on mood, so stand by a window and catch some sunlight if you absolutely can’t leave the office. 

Phone a friend.  We all have that friend that no matter what is going on, they always manage to put a positive spin on things.  Sometimes it’s difficult to remove yourself from a situation, but a friend will help you put things in perspective. Or make you laugh.

Strike a pose.  As Harvard Business professor Amy Cuddy says, “Fake it until you become it.” Cuddy, whose TED talk is among one of the most viewed on the site, says, “Standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.” So next time you’re feeling unconfident, take a cue from Cuddy, and strike a pose! 

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