Repeat Day is a just-for-fun holiday celebrated annually on June 3rd.  

Repeat Day is a just-for-fun holiday celebrated annually on June 3rd.

See what we did there?


An affirmation is defined as something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.  Affirmations are generally repeated until the speaker believes the statements to be true within him/herself.

In a study published by the journal PLOS ONE, researchers found that students, specifically stressed undergraduates, who performed a designated self-affirmation practice scored higher when presented with a problem-solving task than those who did not.

“The present study provides the first evidence that self-affirmation can protect against the deleterious effects of stress on problem-solving performance.  Specifically, we show that chronically stressed individuals have impaired problem-solving performance and that self-affirmation can boost problem-solving performance under pressure.”

We’ve compiled a list of affirmations you can repeat every day, whether you’re a job seeker, in transition, or on the job.

Before an interview:

  • I am confident and friendly
  • Answering tough questions will be easy for me
  • Great communication comes naturally to me
  • I thrive under intense interview pressure
  • My attitude is professional at all times

In transition:

  • New opportunities are coming my way
  • Being aware of every available opportunity is just a normal part of my life
  • Opportunity is just around the corner
  • Acting on positive opportunities without hesitation comes naturally to me

On the job:

  • I am a well-respected person.
  • My high self-esteem enables me to respect others and beget respect in turn.
  • I am a valuable asset to this company.
  • I am solution minded. Any problem that comes up is solvable.
  • The work I do is appreciated.

If you need some help getting started, watch Jessica perform her daily affirmation.


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