There is something about starting a New Year that gets a lot of people to start hauling out bags of no longer needed items and clothes and getting their homes in order. It’s a good time to reevaluate and start fresh at the office too.

Here are resolutions to revamp your office life:

Delegate. If you are doing too much you are doing the job of another person. So hand off some of the minutiae so you can think about the big picture. If there is no one to hand it to, hire an assistant. The right assistant can seamlessly and efficiently take things off your plate.

Network. Decide to find one event a month to attend. Bring business cards with you wherever you go (even the gym). Tell people what you do.

Bring lunch to work. It’s usually healthier and so economic. It makes one feel on top of things to have a packed lunch. If you get busy and are stuck at your desk, it’s there. No need to wait until you are beyond hungry and likely to just grab a slice of pizza. (Include some healthy snacks – nuts, fruit or veggies.)

Check it Off. If there is something that has been nagging at you that you have been meaning to do like redoing your website; posting on social media; getting new equipment – take the leap. They are investments that will pay you back.

Get Organized. Go Paperless! Go through your files and papers and get rid of whatever you don’t need, which is probably most of it as everything is probably on your network.

Dress smart. The right clothes can make you feel more efficient and better about your self. Add something fun and personal to your outfit. No need to be boring just because you are dressing for work. Add a splash of color to the basic black!

Believe in yourself. Nothing breeds success like confidence. If you need to sing this song into the mirror every day:

Stay positive. Focus on the good things, not the setbacks.  This will keep morale up and keep things moving forward.

And – have a great year!

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