More Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher Shortcuts You’ll Love

Previously, we shared a post on Word Shortcuts that would literally change your life.  Many of our readers agreed: they did.

Here are a few more Microsoft Word shortcuts that will shave time off of your writing and creating process.  Many of these shortcuts are universal to the Microsoft Suite and can be used across applications (PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, etc).

CTRL + SHIFT + > to increase font sizes, and CTRL + SHIFT + < to decrease font sizes.  This is the instant gratification of formatting, in our opinion.  You can see exactly how large or small something needs to be in order for it to have the right look and feel on your page, presentation, or pamphlet.

CTRL + H opens the Find and Replace box.  This is a great tool to use if you are using a template of a document or presentation and need to change every occurrence of one term to another.  For example, a generic company contractual agreement that was previously sent to ABC, Inc. and is now being sent to XYZ Brothers.

ALT + Mouse Click and Drag to highlight and select text vertically.

CTRL + F6 cycles through all open documents of the same type.  For example, several open Word documents, or several open PowerPoint documents.  This shortcut won’t cycle through both at the same time, but it’s really useful if you, like us, are a master multitasker.

Bonus basic formatting shortcuts for all Microsoft Office applications:

CTRL + B to bold text

CTRL + I to italicize text

CTRL + U to underline text

CTRL + L to align content with the left margin

CTRL + R to align content with the right margin

CTRL + E to center content on the page

CTRL + J to distribute text evenly within the margins

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