We’re all human, and erring catches up to us at some point in our careers. We asked administrative professionals from all backgrounds, industries and experience levels what types of panic-inducing situations they’ve experenced.

Here are a few of our favorites.

When I wake up late for work and have to get ready in a flash


jump into clothing


nothing to wear

When I see an absurdly large number of unread emails in my inbox on Monday (or any) morning


baby speed reading


this is too much

When I accidentally interrupt my boss

His reaction:

interrupting your boss

My subsequent reaction:

escaping down hallway

When I cancel a meeting on my boss’s behalf but forget to notify the other members in attendance (and watch in horror as they all pile into the meeting room!)

panda saying oh no

When, regardless of my missteps, my work is appreciated and valued

dancing with joy

Because after all, as an administrative professional, my role within the organization is that of gatekeeper, relationship manager and business partner

high five

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