As administrative professionals, often, there is a particular skill you possess or a niche you fill.  Just as the people you support have their strengths: some love public speaking events, others may be published authors, fundraisers, you name it.

We live in a world where social media dominates the airwaves.  Who you often trumps what you know.  Building a strong network is more important than ever.

Here are four social media and networking extensions for Chrome. URL Shortener: Sharing content can be tricky—140 character tweets, 200 character excerpts—you can only fit so much water in a thimble. URL Shortener saves space.

google url shortener

C-Suite Tweet

Shareaholic:  Shareaholic is a great way to share content across all of your social media channels, send content via email, and sync to applications like Evernote and Pocket with a few clicks.  Link any accounts you want to have quick access to, and sharing becomes seamless.  Shareaholic tracks what you share, so there’s no more second guessing on what was posted where and when.


Boomerang:  If you’re using Chrome, chances are you’re a Gmail user as well.  Boomerang is a nifty extension that allows you to schedule emails for a future date, even if you’re not online.  The extension also has the ability to send recurring emails and features response tracking.  Schedule all of your Thank You emails when you have some down time before the next big event.

boomerang for gmail

boomerang for email messages

Rapportive: This one is also for Gmail users.  Rapportive uses the sender’s email address to pull more information about them, including their social media links.  This is a great way to do your research about a potential client or investor before you’ve had the chance to meet—look for common ground and leverage it.



rapporative suzanne coleman

rapporative carol coleman

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