Administrative professionals do research every day in some way, whether it’s for lower airfare, the latest financial information for a company, the inside scoop on a potential client, best restaurants in the area… the list is endless.

Disconnect: First and foremost, with all of the websites you’re visiting, there’s a pretty good possibility all of your information is being tracked and shared with third parties such as advertisers.  Disconnect blocks third party cookies that dump trackers into your browser.  As a bonus, when those third party advertisers are blocked, your webpages load faster because there’s less data to load, less bandwidth used.  For us, it was an average of about 6% faster.  Those little time savers really add up!

Invisible Hand: This nifty extension automatically finds lower prices online for items you’re searching for, including flights, hotels, car rentals and products.  If you search it and Invisible Hand finds a lower price, an orange bar will appear at the top of your screen with the new price and the site where the item can be found.  Alternatively, you can search Invisible Hand directly.

Search Invisible Hand  

Pocket: Pocket was featured previously on our post 5 Apps to Simplify Executive Assistants’ Lives, and for good reason: this app/extension is one of our absolute favorites, and with its latest update, your offline content syncs automatically in the background onto your mobile devices.  Pocket saves articles, videos, and images you choose online to your Pocket account which syncs on any mobile device for your perusal offline (on a plane, on a subway, in No Man’s Land).  Right-click on a link and save to Pocket, or simply click on the Pocket button extension when you’re on the website with the content you’d like to save for easy reading later.  If you’re concerned about syncing, fear not: one of our executive recruiters currently runs this app on an Android tablet, an iPhone, and a Windows PC with no issues.


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