As you’re reading this post, chances are you have six or seven tabs open in two or three browsers, you’re running Outlook, editing documents, answering the phone and ensuring the executive you support is where he/she needs to be when he/she needs to be there.

With so many things happening at once, it’s easy to get a little flustered—admit it.  These extensions will help streamline the multitude of tasks on your to-do list.

Lazarus:  You’re filling out a form online, clicking the checkboxes, inputting addresses and phone numbers, writing text, and suddenly, freeze.  Your mouse won’t click, your keyboard won’t type, and you’re forced to CTRL+ALT+DEL and force quit the application.  And the nightmare continues when you’re forced to re-enter all of the information.  Lazarus automatically saves your forms, so if you crash, you can simply recover previous versions.

Session Manager:  Session Manager works similarly to Lazarus in that it saves your information, but Session Manger saves all of your browsers tabs and windows.  So the next time you have a gazillion tabs open and your computer crashes, Session Manager will save a piece of your sanity.

Lazarus Form Saver Example  

Tab Packager: This nifty extension will group tabs together based on your preferences.  So if you always have your email, the company website, and a cloud-based CRM open at the same time, you can package the three together for easy opening.  Package search tabs together, like Google and Wikipedia, or package your social media accounts for easy access.

IE Tab: Some websites are optimized for certain browser, specifically Internet Explorer.  Rather than opening another browser window, this extension allows you to stay in your current (or favorite) browser and still access those sites.

Stay Focused:  This extension is especially good for those days when you feel like you’re dragging your feet to get things done.  Stay Focused limits the amount of time you can spend on non-work-related sites.  Their Nuclear option completely disables the entire internet for a set period of time and cannot be reverse. Report due in two hours? No problem, just “nuke” the internet.

Stay Focused Nuclear Option

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