Original Post: April 14, 2014 –

At C-Suite Assistants, we specialize in the placement of executive assistants and administrative professionals nationwide. During this process, clients and candidates regularly ask for our guidance; one of the topics discussed is compensation.

For this reason, we developed a short, but comprehensive, C-Suite Administrative Professionals Compensation Survey. In this first survey, we have collected and analyzed 2013 compensation information of administrative professionals based on a number of variables in order to accurately assess the administrative market. We will publish the results of our survey biannually for your review.

If you are an administrative professional and would like to contribute your compensation information to our findings, click here. Your answers are completely anonymous.

If you are an HR professional, hiring authority, or administrative professional interested in receiving the detailed analysis of this survey’s results, or results from future compensation surveys, feel free to contact us.

compensation results base salary administrative professionals

average bonus for administrative professionals 2013

administrative overtime earned non-exempt 2013

all-in administrative compensation 2013

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