Respect.  First impressions speak volumes.  Just as you wouldn’t want a candidate to be late to an interview, don’t let them wait around for you either.  Treat your candidates as you would treat clients; offer them refreshments, give them a tour, sell the position that is vacant and highlight some of the many benefits of working at your institution.  Creating a welcoming and positive impression with candidates throughout the interview process is indicative of your company’s professional culture and greatly increases the odds a candidate will accept an offer.

Test, test, test.  The practice of assessing a candidate’s abilities before they are hired is a great way of learning the truth behind their claims.  Additionally, testing a candidate can serve as a catalyst to show where they need to improve.  Moreover, it may demonstrate how receptive someone is to learning, growing, and receiving constructive criticism.  Go beyond the standard assessment and dive into the world of customized testing (we can help with that!)

Provide timely feedback. If you’re working with an agency to fill a position, providing them with timely feedback about the candidates you’ve seen could save you a ton of time, resources and sanity.  In the beginning of a search, the qualifications seem concrete and exact: 1-3 years of experience, a financial services background, and skills A, B, and C. However, as it often happens, as you meet with candidates you realize that some of your original requirements need tweaking.  Perhaps a slightly more senior candidate with (specifically) private equity experience would be a better fit for the role.  They may seem like minor details, but the sooner you relay this information to your recruiter, the sooner you will be able to interview candidates with the new, more appropriate qualifications.  Even feedback on a candidate’s personality (too bubbly, not bubbly enough, didn’t listen well, not engaging) are important to relay to your recruiter.

Chemistry is key.  A candidate who fits the bill with the (seemingly) perfect skills may not always be the best choice.  Business is about more than just getting the job done; it’s about creating, building and maintaining relationships with the individuals around you.  A company’s mission and values should come first, so if a candidate doesn’t fit your company’s culture, we highly recommend passing on that individual.  You can teach skills, but you cannot teach ideals.

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