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As a recruiting agency for Long Island, C-Suite Assistants has an extensive network of talented administrative assistants, personal assistants and other professionals who are available for positions in Long Island. We place executive assistants and personal assistants in New York City and other major cities nationwide; and have placed qualified, talented professionals for personal and executive assistant positions in the Hamptons in Long Island, New York.

As your Staffing Agency for Executives and Celebrities Living in the Hamptons or Just Visiting for the Summer Season, C-Suite Will Find You the Best Assistants For Your Home or Business

New York City is home to many of the world’s top companies in just about every industry, from financial services, to telecommunications; and from insurance and real estate to advertising and entertainment. It is no wonder then that the top executives of these companies need a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and relax from the pressures they constantly face at their jobs. The Hamptons serves as the prime spot for executives, principals, and top professionals who live and work in the New York City area to escape from the stressful, crowded city environment and enjoy the sun and sea air of the Hamptons. The Hamptons features renowned polo grounds, top-tier golf courses, and designer stores and exquisite restaurants on the Main Streets of East Hampton, West Hampton, and Southampton. But more than anything else, the thing to do in the Hamptons, whether you live there year-round or just like to get away for a sunny summer weekend, is to chill out and sunbathe on the Hamptons’ miles and miles of world-class beaches.

Since we at C-Suite Assistants know that the Hamptons is the place where some of the hardest working executives go to enjoy themselves and unwind, we have positioned ourselves to be your top choice when it comes to Long Island staffing agencies. Whether you are a hedge fund manager looking to fill a receptionist or other administrative position in a satellite office you have opened in East Hampton, or you are an executive looking for a personal assistant in West Hampton to help your family enjoy the Hamptons lifestyle by increasing their leisure time and decreasing stress, we can assist you in finding the perfect candidate through our proprietary network of personal and administrative assistant professionals in the area.

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Why Consider Using Our Long Island Staffing Agency to Hire an Assistant in the Hamptons?

When you are finally able to get away from the constant demands of the office and the high-stress environment of Manhattan, you will want to spend as much of your time as possible with your family engaging in all the great activities that the Hamptons have to offer. Why not hire a personal assistant? A personal assistant who knows the area and can help you plan out your itinerary, or assist you with shopping, driving, or overseeing your continuing professional needs, such as receptionist and administrative tasks, will allow you to devote the majority of your time to pursuing your hobbies and relaxing. At C-Suite Assistants, we will apply our years of Long Island staffing agency experience to finding the perfect candidate for you, both in terms of professional fit and personal chemistry. We know the pool of professional candidates in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York City, and other major metro areas all over the country including winter getaway spots like Palm Beach and Naples!

Here is a list of just a few of the tasks that a personal assistant in the Hamptons can help you fulfill:

• Answering/screening telephone calls
• Taking calls and following through on responses
• Sorting through mail and responding to invitations
• Event planning
• Supervising renovations and home repairs
• Prospecting real estate
• Household & gift shopping
• Home staff supervision and hiring
• Coordinating calendars with the office in Manhattan, Greenwich or elsewhere
• Art cataloguing
• Preparing summer homes for guests
• Making restaurant reservations

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Whether you are looking to fill a temp or permanent position for a personal assistant, an administrative assistant, or an assistant to an executive; whether you want someone who can help you with the basic but essential tasks of shopping for groceries, driving your children to their summer activities, and fielding the mail coming in from work back in Manhattan; or whether you are setting up a home office in East Hampton, West Hampton, or Southampton over the summer and you need a reliable, intelligent, energetic professional to act as your assistant in all respects of your business away from the office; C-Suite Assistants is the premier Long Island staffing agency covering the Hamptons that can help you fill your needs.

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