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What Can You Expect as a C-Level Assistant?


Whether you have a background as an Administrative or Personal Assistant or you come from another area of the business world and are looking for a new opportunity, the role of C-level Executive Assistant is an exciting and rewarding one. You might be wondering how this sort of role differs from an Administrative Assistant and what makes a C-level Executive Assistant so special.

The qualities and features that distinguish Executive Assistants are the people they serve and the level of responsibility they have. While Executive Assistant responsibilities can vary greatly from one employer to another, the common thread is that a great Executive Assistant must be able to handle anything that is thrown at them with grace and skill. Talented Executive Assistants can work independently and step in for their boss at a moment’s notice. They are truly their employer’s right-hand man or woman.

In a C-level position in particular, an Executive Assistant will be working with the owners or most senior  executives of a company. Positions that might require a C-level Executive Assistant include the CEO, CFO, President, Vice President, and many more. You can expect that in such a position, the level of responsibility is greater than it is in an Administrative Assistant position.

What Does an Executive Assistant Do?

As mentioned above, an Executive Assistant’s responsibilities do vary, but here are some of the most common responsibilities in this sort of role:

  • Scheduling and preparing for meetings
  • Managing your executive’s calendar
  • Coordinating travel
  • Managing other administrative staff
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations
  • Responding to emails and phone calls on behalf of your executive
  • Acting in your executive’s absence
  • Coordinating with your employer’s personal assistant
  • Presenting information in company meetings
  • Expense reporting
  • Special Projects, as needed
  • Acting as your executive’s gatekeeper

Clearly, an Executive Assistant needs to not only be organized and detail oriented, but also feel comfortable leading others, following their boss’s lead, and working independently.

How the Role Differs by Employer

So, how does a C-level Executive Assistant role vary from employer to employer? First and foremost, each Executive Assistant role is unique because so much depends upon your boss. Executive Assistants often spend a great deal of time with their employer, so their personality and working style can greatly impact the day-to-day experience of being their assistant.

There are also differences based on the size of the firm that employs you. A large company may have many Executive Assistants, so some duties may be shared or delegated. You may also find yourself working for a team of C-suite managers, and will need to be able to multitask and manage your priorities. In a top-tier C-level Executive Assistant job with a large firm, some assistants have a great deal of leadership responsibility and are expected to seamlessly step in when their employer is not present. This sort of role generally requires a strong administrative and business background, and is certainly a wonderful career to which to aspire.

At a smaller company or startup, you may find yourself wearing many hats. In some cases, an Executive Assistant in a smaller firm will be the first person ever employed in that position, and may find themselves learning along with their employer. You may be much more involved in the nuts and bolts of the business in startups, as the company is still expanding and roles are not as clear-cut as they are in larger organizations.

There are also differences across industries. As you might imagine, working as a C-level Executive Assistant for a finance giant is very different from the same role in an advertising firm. Some industries and positions require a great deal of travel, as well, while others may be more situated within their own city.

All this is to say, responsibilities and the environment of the job may differ from employer to employer. Reading the C-level Executive Assistant job description will help you learn what responsibilities a specific role will require, so that you can find one that works for you. One of the perks of being an amazing Executive Assistant is that you can figure out what size of company and type of industry works best for your personality and skill set. A strong C-level Executive Assistant is a valuable asset to any firm.

Is the Role of C-level Executive Assistant Right for Me?

Executive Assistants are often college educated, and many have already have backgrounds in administrative support or other positions in the business world. Some seek out certifications and additional training in software to be competitive. Strong technical skills are an absolute must in this position. In addition, a strong C-level Executive Assistant is confident, able to work independently when necessary, and firmly dedicated to making their employer’s job easier.

There are so many companies that hire Executive Assistants that a great assistant can find a company culture and boss that fit their needs. Working with a C-level Executive Assistant staffing agency like C-Suite Assistants can help! The C-Suite Assistants’ recruitment specialists pay close attention to the qualifications of every candidate and requirements of every position and work diligently to make great matches.

If you aspire to become a C-level Executive Assistant, C-Suite Assistants would love to get to know you. With 17 years of experience filling C-level Executive Assistant jobs, we love connecting quality applicants with their future employers. Head to our contact page and submit your resume today!

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