In an age where virtually every job application is filled online, it’s important to always factor in small details that you wouldn’t normally think about, like your email signature.

Read our article on how to properly and professionally email a resume if you’re unsure of the procedures to follow.  Your email signature is a great place to present hiring managers with a snapshot of who you are.  While it may be a small detail of the process, your email signature could help separate you from the pack; just be sure it separates you in a good way.

1. Include your name!  Always use your full name when signing off an email.  There are formalities that should be followed, especially with a hiring manager whom you do not know.

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2. Use a font that is clear and easy to read.  While the temptation to utilize a fun font in a bright color is understandable, your first priority should be clarity.  Choose a font type and size that are different from the font you are using in the body of the email, but still clear.  Increasing the size of the font of your signature slightly is also a good way to help it stand out.  Be careful with going overboard, however. A slightly larger, different font will pull the hiring manager’s eye to your signature which will, naturally, have a snapshot of information on who you are as a candidate (see numbers 3 and 4 below).

3. Give yourself a title.  Searching for your next opportunity requires a lot of time and effort.  It’s basically a job in itself!  Giving yourself a job title that is creative, quirky or communicative of your abilities or personality is a great way of presenting yourself to a hiring manager.  Try playing around with alliteration, use “big” words, make them laugh, think, or revel in amazement.  If you have a hobby, such as photography or creative writing, you can use that as a basis for your title. Which brings us to….

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4. Leverage your social media.  Your online presence is a critical component of your job search.  Hiring managers will Google you and/or search for you on LinkedIn to get a better feel for your abilities (and your reputation).  Include social media handles in your signature.  Do you write a blog?  As long as it’s appropriate (no politics, no personal journals, please!), add the URL to your signature.  Part-time photographer? Show off your work by including the URL to your webpage or Facebook Company page.  Hiring managers love well-rounded, multi-facetted and multi-talented candidates.  Show ‘em what you’ve got!

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5. Include a slogan for yourself. It may sound a bit cheesy—and they’re not for everyone—but if you can create an original slogan that quickly summarizes who you are in one sentence, you’re on the right track.  Test it out on friends and family first and ask them for honest feedback.

In conclusion: the fonts used throughout your email should be clear and easy to read.  Format your signature with a clear font, but use one that is different and helps the information in the signature line stand out.  Give yourself a title and include any relevant social media links or webpages.

Do you have any other best practices?  Share them in the comments section below!

*Please note, the signatures in this article are examples, only.

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