5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Maximize Your Business’s Productivity

Assistants are administrative professionals who work remotely for your
  Hiring a Virtual Assistant can
significantly and positively impact your business’s productivity.

Assistants are:

  1. Cost
    effective—because they work remotely, virtual assistants are extremely cost
    effective; there is no need to rent extra office space to accommodate a new
    worker.  Whereas an in-house, full-time
    assistant may cost you upwards of $65,000, employing a virtual assistant is a
    great opportunity to reduce costs because you only pay for hours worked.
  2. Specialists—VAs
    are often specialists.  Of course, they
    are experts in administration, but in addition, many VAs also possess unique
    skillsets—and they’re great at them.  Photoshop
    and InDesign expertise can be extremely beneficial to a business that focuses
    on digital and/or direct mail marketing. 
    Videographers and media editing experts are great additions for a
    business looking to video blog.
  3. Partners—trusting
    your VA the same way you would an in-house assistant streamlines your business
    and non-business operations.  A VA who
    understands your personal and professional responsibilities can be more
    effective in scheduling and meeting coordination, decision-making, and
    long-term planning.

are 5 (of many) things you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant to boost your business’s

5 things you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant to save you time and resources so you can get back to innovation and business development.
5 things you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant to save you time and resources so you can get back to innovation and business development.
  1. Have
    your VA check your emails.  According to
    a 2012 study by McKinsey Global Institute, we spend nearly one-third of our
    work time managing emails.  By
    outsourcing your email management to a VA, you will instantly gain over 2.5
    hours of your work time back—imagine the innovation and creativity you can
    foster for your business in that time!
  2. Delegate
    repetitive tasks to your VA.  Ad
    placement, weekly newsletters and scheduling are just a few of the daunting,
    repetitive tasks we take on week after week. 
    Outsource these boring, monotonous tasks to a VA effectively by
    providing them with templates and step-by-step procedures to abide by.
  3. Everyone
    loves a good deal, but searching for the best flight and hotel options, even
    with the help of travel sites, is time consuming.  If you’re always on the go, hiring a VA to
    research travel deals for you will free up a significant amount of time you already
    can’t afford.
  4. Customer
    support and mediation.  Not everyone was
    born with impeccable patience and people skills.  Hiring a patient, customer service-oriented
    administrative professional to handle your customer service inquiries, moderate
    blog comments, or respond to email queries not only saves you time, it may even
    reduce the speed of that receding hairline, too.
  5. Website
    SEO is a never-ending task.  Meta-tagging
    your pages and images, and optimizing for keyword searches is a daunting task
    even for intermediate web designers. 
    Hire a VA who specializes in webpage design, or understands the basics
    of HTML.  As your search ranking
    increases, so will the customers, and now you’ll have ample time to interact,
    build relationships and sell, sell, sell.

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