Anything you can do, they can do better. Assistants are sometimes perceived—incorrectly, might we add—as workers with no real skills, little personality, and minimal ambition. Truth is, assistants run the office. They are, in fact, the most powerful person in the office. They know everything—account numbers, passwords, who takes lunch when and with whom—they are privy to more information that the CEO herself. And they have the skills—soft and technical—to back it up.

Here are 3 things assistants can do better than most people.

Adapt to change. Assistants are built for the unpredictability that their job offers. No two days are ever the same, and good assistants thrive on that. It keeps them on their toes and keeps them mentally fresh. They can shift gears at a moment’s notice. Assistants adapt to change really well, whether it’s a change in a procedure, change in scheduling, or a change in their boss’s mood, they always know what to do.

Keep a secret. It’s an unwritten rule for administrative professionals that they are never to form or join cliques. Assistants operate under strict discretion. They know all of the happenings of the office, and they don’t take sides. They are little bundles of diplomacy and neutrality—mini Switzerlands, if you will. And this is important, not just for assistants, but for any job. No one wants to be known as the office blabbermouth. For assistants, especially, who deal with sensitive information day in and day out, this is an exceptional quality to have.

Pleasing people. When was the last time YOU went above and beyond to help someone?  Well, assistants’ standard operating procedure is to do just that every single day for every single person that crosses their path, even when they aren’t in the mood.  Assistants are great at pleasing people, ensuring that everyone they come in contact with has the absolute best and most positive experience they could have.  After all, they are a direct reflection of their boss, and the face of the company.

Admins, next time you’re feeling down, remember all the things you’re great at, and stiffen up that upper lip. Not everyone can do what you do.

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