We found a ton of executive assistants and admins on the webs of social media who happily received flowers for Administrative Professionals Day, but we wanted to highlight those admins who received exactly what they wanted.  Congratulations and thanks for another year of exceptional support!

1. This little princess whose boss went to the market:

2. This admin who clearly has a favorite:

3. This admin who doesn’t mind being spoiled, non monsieur!

4. This admin with expensive taste:

5. This admin whose boss clearly drives her “nuts”:

6. This admin who feels it’s mutual:

7. This admin whose gift came in every girl’s favorite blue box:

8. This admin whose gift looks “berry” thoughtful:

9. This admin whose work received an honor:

10.  This admin (and her boss) who truly understands that the little things in life matter most:

Image attribution: Photograph of First Lady Bess Truman at the White House with a delegation of Girl Scouts, who are presenting her with a glass paperweight in honor of her service as their organization’s honorary president since 1945, as two unidentified Girl Scout leaders look on: (left to right) Loretta Gallegos, 8; Susan Schneider, 11; Joanna Rodman, 8; Marian East, 16. (Wikimedia Commons)

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