Executive Personal Assistant to CEO of a Private Equity Firm

The CEO of a private equity firm that just moved from NY to Miami Beach was looking for an Executive Personal Assistant to help him with all administrative functions, including personal errands. It was also preferred that the candidate be bi-lingual, in English and Spanish.  Prior experience supporting an HMW principal at a finance firm or family office highly were desirable. The candidate also needed to be flexible to travel to the Hamptons in the summer occasionally. When they reached out to C-Suite Assistants for EA staffing in Miami Beach, FL, the perfect candidate that we had been working with for a while to find the ‘right fit’ home fit the bill.  She had extensive experience working at a finance firm (8 years) for a private bank that catered to HNW clients.  Due to Covid, she was doing a lot of contract work in the finance space so was actively looking.  She is bi-lingual and had the ability to be flexible to travel when needed to New York and the Hamptons.


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