Executive/Personal Assistant for Private Equity Firm

A private equity firm was looking for an Executive/ Personal Assistant for their new CEO who was re-locating from London to Houston . The position was open as the firm had tried internally to find a candidate of the “gravitas” required in Houston, but had been unsuccessful.  Due to our professional connections cultivated through the years in the Houston area, we contacted a former candidate who we felt would” fit the bill”.  She was actually just looking for a new role, as she had recently returned from living in London due to her husband’s relocation.  He was then moved back to the Houston area. Before moving to London, she had supported a CEO of another major private equity firm that had merged with another, so her experience was extremely relevant and the former CEO provided an excellent reference. Our candidate had strong communication skills, a polished and professional presentation and a very solid work ethic based on her previous roles and recommendations.      


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