Most Business Managers will go to great lengths to save costs, and one way to do so, is to avoid using staffing firms and paying fees by hiring their own administrative staff. Sounds easy, especially using the Internet; attracting talent to your website and posting your own ads on job boards like LInkedin or Monster. It is also easy for every Tom, Dick and Harry to press a button and send their resumes flying through cyberspace for jobs they are not remotely qualified for. So, prepare to be bombarded with volumes of unqualified resumes. Using a staffing firm will save you the most valuable asset you have: TIME. Have you ever sorted through 600 resumes in one day? MORE THAN LIKELY LESS than 1% WILLBE remotely relevant to the job description! A good staffing firm will read hundreds of resumes and perhaps schedule 20 interviews AND THEY WILL PRESENT LESS THAN HALF THAT NUMBER TO YOU.

This prescreening is one of the most valuable services provided, saving you an inordinate amount of time and headache. A good staffing firm will also be able to immediately identify a slate of prescreened candidates at their fingertips from their database – candidates who are beyond the reach of your ad or internal referrals. So if speed is important to you, you can start interviewing and hire more quickly. 

If you use the right staffing or search firm, your dedicated  team will present candidates who check all the boxes (temperament, presentation and skills). If your recruiter is sending you a huge amount of resumes they haven’t done the work for you. It’s up to them to narrow candidates down so you don’t’ have to interview masses of people. 

Other benefits to using a staffing firm include, scheduling (which can be time consuming as well), testing of skill sets, checking references and negotiating an offer. 

A good recruiter enjoys the process and will make the process enjoyable for you. So before you decide to hire on your own and have your inbox clogged with hundreds of resumes, call a recruiter (hopefully us!) and know you are in good hands.





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