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Executive Assistant Training Courses


Executive assistants are the backbone of an organization and can offer immense value to busy professionals across the workplace. Providing executive assistant support can often be a demanding experience, with a significant amount of on-the-job training. Hiring executive assistants tends to be a decision around the skills they already possess and upskilling that could take place as they carry out their day-to-day tasks. 

That is why executive assistant training courses are so valuable in this context, as they can help prepare executive assistants for additional success in the role and aid in professional development. While initial qualifications such as a college degree are definitely an asset, completing additional executive assistant training courses can help them further succeed in the role.

To better understand training and support options available, we’ll look at whether executive assistant training is worth it and the options available to help executive assistants improve or gain new skills that help them excel in their roles.

Are executive assistant courses worth it?

Generally, most executive assistants are well-versed in time management and some technical and writing skills, but the brunt of their experience is on-the-job training. However, without a combination of prior experience and skills, it can be difficult for administrative professionals to truly succeed in their roles within an organization.

Upskilling can change that. By taking executive assistant training programs, administrative professionals can take more control over their career development and bring additional value to the role for your organization. 

Alongside courses, there are also memberships and advanced training communities for executive assistants that can prove incredibly beneficial. Joining organizations that recognize and train professionals in complex skills that are increasing in demand, such as artificial intelligence and project management, can help executive assistants thrive in their current position and find new ways to engage in their roles.

Executive assistant certificate programs are undoubtedly worth it and can play a significant role in helping administrative professionals find further success within the business.

What will your executive assistant gain from an online executive assistant course?

The main aspect of executive assistant training to bear in mind is that certificate programs and online courses will offer different skills. 

Therefore, before undertaking executive assistant online training courses, the first step is to identify what skills need to be improved and how that corresponds to their current duties and responsibilities.

Generally, executive assistant online training courses center around:

  • Communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Proficiency in latest software applications, ongoing training for systems, and other technical skills as needed

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list, and certification programs can be found for more basic or advanced skills, but these are some general areas to consider for advanced training or education.

There are two certificate programs that are highly recognized and are sponsored by the International Association of Administrative Professionals that are suitable options to offer to EAs to help improve their skills while also receiving professional designations such as certification.

  1. Certified Professional Secretary (CPS): Requires two years of experience for eligibility.
  2. Certified Administrative Professional (CAP): Requires a minimum of 3 years of experience and an associate’s degree. 

Additionally, certification programs available from the American Society of Administrative Professionals are also highly recognized, such as the Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE). There are also online courses and in-person classes offered to working professionals with secretarial experience through various colleges and universities, such as UCLA.

Certification programs and executive assistant online training courses are a great way to improve their current skills and help your executive assistant thrive in current roles.  To learn more about executive assistant training programs and how an upskilled executive assistants can be beneficial to your organization, please get in touch today.

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