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Miami is known as the, “Gateway to Latin America” and was originally established as a winter residence for the wealthy seeking to escape the cold winters of the north. The city has evolved over the last couple of decades into a truly cosmopolitan city. Although tourism is still its #1 industry, Miami now boasts a vibrant economy diversified into international trade, banking, healthcare, and art and design. It has become a major international, financial, and cultural center. The leading think tank on cities, the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network, has ranked Miami as an Alpha minus city, marking it as globally influential in terms of factors like international business, sustainability, urban policy, and logistics.

Why We’ve Expanded as a Staffing Agency in Miami

Although still subject to boom and bust real estate cycles—partly due to flight capital from Latin America and speculators—Miami has diversified its economy both from a business and geographical standpoint. Attracted by warm weather, the natural beauty of the city, the cosmopolitan “vibe”, and the establishment of events such as Art Basel, international visitors and businesses flock to the city to buy or rent property. The city also boasts major sports teams such as the Dolphins, the Heat, the Panthers, and the Marlins.

Due to those features and the favorable tax environment (no state tax), the population of Miami and the surrounding areas have steadily increased over the last few years. More than 1,000 companies have centered their Latin American Headquarters in Miami, helping it to earn its, “gateway to Latin America” title. Many of these companies derive part of their edge by employing a Miami staffing agency.

Miami Staffing Agencies & the Local Economy

The international banking sector and private wealth services have also traditionally been a focus of economic activity in Miami. The financial sector has diversified and expanded even further over the last several years with the entrance of private equity firms, investment banks, family offices, and hedge funds. It is estimated that in 2015 there were more than 150 non-traditional banks and investment funds with offices in Miami. These businesses bring with them the law firms, accountants, and other infrastructure services to support their activity, all of which require the kind of top-tier talent best provided by a Miami staffing agency.

What does this Mean for Staffing Agencies in Miami?

All of these factors combined mean that the demand for top notch talent to support this vibrant business community in Miami is growing. The requirement for bilingual English/Spanish talent remains strong, but demand has expanded to talent with top educational requirements and other language skills. Finding excellent support staff can be challenging and clients are increasingly willing to relocate candidates to get the talent they need. Hiring a staffing agency in Miami can give your company a powerful edge when it comes to finding the best talent.

Finding Top Administrative Talent as a Miami Staffing Agency

The market for top administrative talent supporting the C-Suite and other senior executives has become more competitive in recent years. Although in Miami many of these roles continue to ask for bilingual capability in English/Spanish, other languages have also become important. Like many of our clients across the USA, the bar for talent has also been raised; clients demand college degrees, strong communication skills, team players, international perspective, and an excellent corporate image. And, of course, besides the usual top Microsoft Office skills requirement, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software skills are in high demand. Even more important is the capability to juggle multiple responsibilities and manage the busy calendars of top executives so they can produce at maximum efficiency. A top-tier Miami staffing agency can pull from its network and deep talent pool to help you find the perfect candidate.

How Does Our Staffing Agency in Miami Source Talent?

As in all the major cities where C-Suite Assistants conducts executive assistant staffing searches, our recruiters at C-Suite use their formidable networking skills. With at least one of our senior recruiters having spent years growing up in Miami with considerable family ties, our first avenue is always to uncover the passive talent pool of candidates who are confidentially referred to us. We use this same approach to source candidates in the financial and renewable industries: a combination of business contacts and our senior candidate network developed by executive searches.

We supplement our extensive networking by uncovering candidates through various proprietary and public databases. Our recruiters do all of the sourcing, interviewing, and scheduling, giving us the opportunity to get to know the candidates well at various points in the process. Because we approach passive candidates ourselves, we have a high success rate of engaging the most desirable candidates in career discussions, making us very successful in bringing a candidate slate you may not see from other recruiters. We also have an extensive database of executive assistant candidates who will consider relocation to Miami. At C-Suite Assistants, we combine deep local knowledge with an extensive national network to make us one of the top staffing agencies in Miami.

What Positions Does Our Miami Recruiting Agency Fill?

As an experienced staffing agency in Miami, we regularly fill a variety of administrative positions among various industries. Some of these positions are as follows:

Your Solution to Finding Administrative Talent in Miami

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