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First, a little L.A. trivia:
Did you know the Internet was born in Los Angeles in 1969 when the first Appanet transmission was sent from UCLA to SRI in Menlo Park? Kudos to L.A.!

This city has a strong Spanish and Mexican influence going back several centuries. In 1542, Los Angeles (Spanish for “the City of Angels”) was originally claimed by Spain from the Chumash and Tongua Indian tribes. The city was officially founded by the Spanish government in 1781. Following the Mexican War of Independence in 1848, Los Angeles was purchased as part of a treaty and became part of the United States.

The present city spans over 469 square miles and covers the center of Los Angeles county. Combined with L.A.-Long Beach, it boasts a total of 18.7 million people; which is second only to the New York metro area in terms of population. The city of L.A. is divided into over 80 districts and neighborhoods.

To visitors, the city conjures up a tour of Universal Studios, a trip to Disneyland, star gazing on Rodeo Drive, the spectacular campus of UCLA, Grammy and Academy Awards, Santa Monica Pier, biking along the board walk to Venice Beach and Marina Del Ray, or taking an outdoor yoga class in West Hollywood. The vibe is cool, organic, laid back; but also hip and vibrant at the same time.

Los Angeles is One of the Largest Employment Markets in the USA

Los Angeles is much more than a tourist city. The city today is one of the strongest centers of commerce in the U.S., with a diverse economy across a broad range of industries: entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and technology, to name only a few.

What Does This Mean For Employment in L.A?

California is tied with Texas for the second-most Fortune 500 companies in any state, with 53 of these world-famous companies. Walt Disney Co, Amgen Inc, Aecom, Healthnet, Inc., Molina Healthcare, Farmers Insurance Exchange, Edison International, CBRE Group and Mattel, Inc. all make their home in the L.A. area. In addition to these major corporations, L.A. has a strong financial presence with many banks, private equity, venture capital, and asset management firms which support the various growth industries. All of these companies can benefit from a top-tier recruiting agency in Los Angeles to help them source the right talent and continue to grow.

Do I Need a Staffing Agency in Los Angeles?

There is a strong demand for qualified assistants to support these businesses and the competition for top-tier assistants is intense. The challenge is to be able to move quickly and efficiently to source the right talent. Your in-house recruiters or local staffing agencies in Los Angeles are not always up to the task. As a staffing agency focused on executive and administrative assistants, C-Suite Assistants can find the best talent in a timely way. By applying our proven processes and tapping into our networks, we can become your most valued resource for staffing assistants in the L.A. area.

How Can C-Suite Assist Your Company?

We can place top-tier candidates in the following areas:

  • Executive Assistants to the C-Suite and the CEO
  • Personal Assistants to the C-Suite and celebrities and their families
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Office mMnagers for start-ups, and small to mid-size offices
  • Marketing Assistants
  • Sales Assistants
  • Investor Relations Assistants
  • Client Services Coordinator
  • Trading Assistants
  • CRM Specialists
  • Data Specialists
  • Human Resources Assistants

If you are starting a search for an assistant, call us today at 646-214-7475 for the best administrative recruiting agency working in Los Angeles.

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