What to wear to a job interview:

  1. Do wear a full suit
  2. Don’t overdo black; a black suit, black tie, black shirt, black shoes is only acceptable—and we have our doubts about this—if the interview is for a mortician
  3. Do accessorize tastefully
  4. Don’t blind them with your bling; a bold-colored necklace with a subdued suit is more than enough pop to be memorable
  5. Do dress conservatively and cover bare legs with plain, nude hosiery
  6. Don’t wear a turtleneck; Suzanne Coleman’s #1 Rule of Thumb, and I would listen—after all, she is a pro.
  7. Do opt for a classic dress shoe
  8. Don’t wear a peep toe, sling back or wedge; my personal peeve, especially because each of these options can easily be perceived as too sexy
  9. Do cover up any visible tattoos with sleeves or makeup
  10. Don’t accentuate your piercings; my ears are pierced… and pierced and pierced. And while this “trend” is relatively socially acceptable, having multiple piercings and showing them off isn’t going to make—and could potentially break—your chances with a future employer
  11. Do wear makeup, have well-manicured nails, and neat hair
  12. Don’t forget this is an interview, not Cirque; stick to the basics: foundation, blush, mascara and a neutral, subtle shadow, a soft-colored polish or no polish at all, and hair that looks neat (like the 1920s) not wild (like the 1980s)

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